Tyan Tiger I7505 (S2668ANR) and CDs

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Davius, May 21, 2004.

  1. Davius

    Davius Guest

    Tyan Tiger i7505 (S2668ANR) Motherboard, 2 X Xeon 3GHz Processors, 2Gb RAM,
    4 X 160Gb HDDs (2 S-ATA & 2 IDE), Asus GF FX5200 128Mb AGP, 16X DVD, FDD.
    All in all a beast!

    Here's an odd one. Installed Windows XP Pro, went in fine. Inserted the
    Motherboard Driver Disk which auto ran and displayed the menu. Selected the
    Intel .inf file update which went in and requested reboot. Rebooted.

    Now the PC can't read CDs properly in the DVD-ROM Drive. When inserting a
    data CD (including the Windows XP disk) it trys to run it as an audio CD,
    displaying Media Player and fails with an unknown format error. When right
    clicking on the drive and displaying properties it lists the CD as 0bytes
    and when opening it lists just a blank track. I've inserted several CDs, all
    display the same.

    Is there a known issue with the .inf update for the i7505? I resinstalled
    Windows following repartitioning and it works fine, but if you don't run the
    ..inf update a couple of system devices remain with the non working
    exclamation. Installing the .inf following Video, Sound, Gigabit LAN, etc
    reproduces the same problem, the DVD-ROM drive is unusable.

    Tried calling the Tyan UK support number, message stating that the guy is
    away until next week and suggesting their customer calls Germany.

    Davius, May 21, 2004
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  2. Davius

    Davius Guest

    Follow up:

    The problem was caused by the DVD-ROM Drive, an Artec 16X drive, switching
    to an Artec CD-Rewriter or Samsung Combo drive fixed the problem. Presumably
    there is some incompatibility between the Intel IDE driver and the Artec
    Davius, May 21, 2004
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