Tyan Trinity 400 (S1854) Motherboard

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by tb, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. tb

    tb Guest

    Does anyone know the maximum hard drive size supported by this
    motherboard? (Award BIOS Plug & Play, 4.51PG)
    tb, Jul 27, 2011
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  2. tb

    Paul Guest

    The transition to 48 bit LBA support (>137GB) was around 2003.
    This motherboard and its BIOS releases are from the year 2000.


    That means there are a couple possibilities - 64GB limit or 128GB

    To see a web page archived from that era, you can use this page.
    I didn't find your motherboard here, but by reviewing this
    page, you can see the range of capacity limits on motherboards
    back then.


    My 440BX based motherboard, received BIOS updates for a number
    of years, and one thing I got, was the ability to use a 120GB
    drive. But, I also put a Promise Ultra card in that system,
    to get faster disk transfers (limited by PCI bus).


    A better question is, what solutions can be found for the problem.

    If you purchase a PCI ATA controller card, with a couple ribbon
    cable interfaces on it, that can handle larger drives. For
    example, a Promise Ultra133 TX2 card, might work.

    When the motherboard boots, it loads the BIOS chip on the PCI
    card, which contains an Extended INT 0x13 routine. And that
    BIOS routine handles disk access during boot. So you can even
    boot from a large drive that way.

    There is still the issue of the motherboard BIOS, and whether it
    handles a plugged in PCI card properly. Back in the 440BX era,
    there were a few issues with PCI cards that didn't work right, and
    the BIOS seemed to play a part in it. If the BIOS didn't recognize
    the "class" of the card (like not knowing what a USB2 card was,
    or a Wifi card), it might choose to ignore the card, or simply
    not finish POST.

    Paul, Jul 28, 2011
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  3. tb

    tb Guest

    I currently have an 80GB internal hard drive installed, so I'd say that
    the odds of my motherboard being able to handle 128GB are very good...
    Interesting. I suppose I could also purchase a PCI _SATA_ controller
    and switch to SATA hard drives --maybe even of the SSD kind!. What do
    you think?

    Or I might just try the conservative route and purchase a 128GB IDE/PATA
    hard drive and see what happens when I boot up...

    Thanks, Paul, for all your help.
    tb, Jul 28, 2011
  4. tb

    Paul Guest

    The PCI bus is a speed limitation. That's what generally
    prevents the motherboard from being heroic.

    Depending on the PCI burst size, you have around 110-120MB/sec
    to work with. So if I were to connect my Seagate 500GB SATA
    drive, the one that transfers at 125MB/sec near the beginning
    of the disk, the PCI bus would prevent the full speed from
    being available.

    You can try various card types if you want, but don't be
    surprised if about 50% of them don't work. If you install
    a card that existed in that era, the odds are better it
    will work. That's about all I can suggest.

    Paul, Jul 28, 2011
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