Tyan trinity S5101

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by mouarf, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. mouarf

    mouarf Guest

    I bought a Tyan trinity S5101 ( chipset i875P) with a p4 2.8Ghz and
    corsair memory ( 2x 512MByte 3200C2PT ) .
    On corsair website i rode that ram's timing has to be 2-3-3-6 but if i
    switch in the MB's bios by SPD i can't have these timing...

    ANybody know how can i have these timings please ?

    Thanks by advance ans sorry for my poor english
    mouarf, Feb 18, 2004
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  2. mouarf

    Lissy.Peter Guest

    wouldn't it be better to send your question directly over www.tyan.com ?
    because it would be the best place for such a question

    sorry but my english is not better but my france only counts a few words
    Lissy.Peter, Feb 18, 2004
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  3. mouarf

    Bonnie Guest

    Hahaaa... It's OK Lissie Peter, your English is MUCH better than most
    anyone's French I'm sure.
    I'm glad I found this NG, I too just got a S5101,
    and am having major problems.... I'll check with Tyan and this

    Bonnie, Feb 19, 2004
  4. mouarf

    Lissy.Peter Guest

    Hi Bonnie
    i got a S5101 at january with bios release 1.02 and a PIV 3.2Ghz HT 512Mb

    but i have no problems with it anything (win98 or linux suse 9.0 runs
    without problems


    Bonnie schrieb in Nachricht ...
    Lissy.Peter, Feb 19, 2004
  5. mouarf

    LostMind Guest

    I got four on the go 2 of them are 2.4 Celerons, 1 P4 HT 2.4c and 1 P4 HT
    3.0c GHz All working perfect; but after the bios upgrade to 1.04, 1.05
    looks like it will be out soon. It's as iftyan released this board with a
    crappy bios. What revisions of the board do you people have, I have two C,
    1 A and 1 B.
    LostMind, Feb 20, 2004
  6. mouarf

    Lissy+Peter Guest

    Hi lost mind
    where did you locate the board revision ?

    LostMind schrieb in Nachricht ...
    Lissy+Peter, Feb 20, 2004
  7. mouarf

    LostMind Guest

    Located after the last PCI slot, you will see a barcode and then a letter
    , that's the revision.
    LostMind, Feb 20, 2004
  8. mouarf

    Lissy+Peter Guest

    Just located ist and my one is revision B
    im running with bios 1.02 i tryed an upgrade to 1.04 but after that the
    emm386 of my win98 wouldn't install in case of no free page found so ui went
    back to 1.02

    LostMind schrieb in Nachricht ...
    Lissy+Peter, Feb 21, 2004
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