UDMA6 SATA Drive detected as UDMA2 by SY-P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 v1.0

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by robert, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. robert

    robert Guest

    I purchased a Soyo SY-P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 v1.0 motherboard and a
    Seagate 200GB SATA ST3200822AS drive. After installing the board I
    updated the BIOS to the 2aa3 version and installed WinXP SP2.
    Everything seemed to function fine until I ran the SiS Sandra
    Performance Tune-up Wizard. Using the Sandra tools I discovered my
    Seagate drive is capable of running in UDMA6 mode and the Soyo
    motherboard was running it in UDMA2 mode. I checked the post screen,
    and sure enough, the motherboard had auto-detected the drive as an
    UDMA2 drive. I went into the BIOS setup screen to manually set the
    UDMA setting of the drive, but the highest UDMA setting available was
    UDMA2. Has anyone been able to set the UDMA setting of their drives
    greater than UDMA2 with this BIOS version? Is this a limitation of
    the i865 chipset or the Soyo BIOS? I submitted a question to Soyo
    regarding this issue 3 days ago, but have not received a reply.

    The other devices installed on this board are as follows:

    AGP: ATI Radeon 9600

    PCI#3: Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    Secondary IDE Master: NEC ND-2510A DVD Burner

    Memory Slots #1 & #3: Identical 512MB Micron 2700 DIMMS
    robert, Oct 9, 2004
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  2. robert

    Pete Guest

    I'm having similar problems with a SY-KT880 and a Raptor 74 gig drive.
    I updated the bios because of it and afterwards ran another benchmark.
    Now the drive speed is showing up as half of what it was before. I'm
    not sure if it's from the new bios or some other tweak.
    Pete, Oct 11, 2004
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  3. robert

    Ashish Varan Guest

    I guess SY-P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 is piece of crap. I purchased from
    TigerDirect at 0$. Updated the BIOS ( Latest released on 9/22/2004 ).
    Stuffed in P4 ( Prescott )3.0 GHz / 800 FSB, 1 GB ( 2 * 512 duel
    channel DDR ), ATI 9600 PRO 256 MB AGP card and two Maxtor 80 GB
    ATA/100 drives. Windows XP Pro with SP2 installed. Now I see this
    crackling sound. This MOBO is struggling. Have 400W PSU as well.
    Disabled UDMA still the story is same. I am considering throwing this
    away and buying a new one. ( 0$ stuff work that way only :) )
    Ashish Varan, Oct 11, 2004
  4. robert

    Ashish Varan Guest

    Ashish Varan, Oct 12, 2004
  5. robert

    Jim B. Guest

    Did you install the ICH5 chipset driver? Also did you install the
    Intel Application Accelerator RAID Edition software? Also another
    possiblility is where you bought the board. If you look though any
    motherboard group you will see a majority of the problems listed are
    with products purchased at TigerDirect.
    Jim B., Oct 13, 2004
  6. robert

    Ashish Varan Guest

    Thanks Jim. I do have latest chipset driver from Intel. The chipset (
    ICH5 ) is not taking RAID driver and I don't have RAID configuration

    I do take your word that this 0 $ deal at tiger direct shipped me a
    bad Soyo board as at every place this motherboard has got good
    Ashish Varan, Oct 14, 2004
  7. robert

    Ashish Varan Guest

    Friends, I got it hard way. I missed setting the jumpers correct way.
    One hard drive set as master having no jumper ( J50 ) or one CD ROM
    running as slave with master mode jumper might have created the
    problem. After I corrected that this motherboard is blazing fast. No
    crackling at all.

    Pentium 4 3 GHz. 800 FSB ( Prescott )
    2 x 512 MB Dual Channel DDR ( PC3200 )
    80 GB Maxtor ATA 133 & 15 GB Maxtor ATA 100 ( Both UDMA5 Mode )
    256 MB ATI RADEON® 9600 PRO
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
    LG GSA-4160B Dual format 16X super multi DVD/CD rewriter( UDMA4 Mode )
    Samsung SM-348 48X/24X/16X CDRW-DVD( UDMA2 Mode )

    ViewSonic VX910 19" flat monitor

    Running XP Pro. SP2 with latest BIOS ( 9/22/2004 ), chipset, sound
    card & AGP drivers. My first build. My dream machine :)
    Ashish Varan, Oct 15, 2004
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