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UDP packet send / receive

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by balajiyalam, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. balajiyalam

    balajiyalam Guest

    i am unable to send an UDP packet to embedded board on which IP was not
    implemented. MAC Address and port number were implemented.

    please let me known how to send UDP packet to Embedded board through
    MAC Address and port.

    please help me
    balajiyalam, Dec 30, 2005
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  2. You are far from getting UDP datagrams through. You must implement something
    on both ends to send and receive data through physical layer.

    NON-Microsoft-User, Dec 30, 2005
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  3. balajiyalam

    ghelbig Guest

    UDP is an IP protocol. No IP, No UDP.
    ghelbig, Dec 30, 2005
  4. balajiyalam

    rTrenado Guest

    Ok, it is simply not possible. For the sake of simplicity, lets assume
    both UDP nodes are on the same ethernet LAN, one node being your board
    and the other a PC, since the sender will always require to know the IP
    address of the receiver, the first step the sender takes is to resolve
    the receiver IP address against an ethernet MAC on the same LAN using
    the ARP protocol, after that it will direct the UDP/IP packet to your
    board MAC.

    Now if you don't care about IP and you would like to receive any UDP
    (or TCP) data the sender has to send to your board you can create and
    assign a "phantom" IP address to your board. For example on a windows
    box do the following:

    (1) Open a command prompt Window
    (2) Create the phantom IP address by typing the following:

    ARP -s 00-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX

    where XXXXXXX is your board Ethernet MAC address.

    This command will add a static entry to your ARP cache.

    Just make sure the IP address you enter is on the same subnet as your
    board and the PC and that the IP address is not being used by another

    Now any traffic that is directed to that IP from Windows will be
    received by your board. Try something on IE for instance.
    rTrenado, Dec 30, 2005
  5. balajiyalam

    Tauno Voipio Guest

    Please understand that for transferring UDP packets
    on Ethernet, your system has to implement at least
    the necessary subparts of IP and ARP (and maybe ICMP).
    Tauno Voipio, Dec 30, 2005
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