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Ultra-mini or mini laptop w/ full screen TV playback?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by mwalsh, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. mwalsh

    mwalsh Guest

    I currently have a Dell Latitude 610 with ATI Mobility Radeon X300
    graphics. This adapter (and many others in the the Mobility Radeon
    range) has a s-video output. Once of the nicer features of the X300 in
    particular (I can't speak to all the Radeon adapters, but I assume the
    same holds true) is that it will output a full screen TV image of
    whatever is playing through Windows Media Player (without having to
    use the full screen option in WMP) - even if you're working in other
    programs - as long as Windows Media Player isn't minimized to the task-

    I absolutely love this feature and would like to find the same or
    similar on an ultra-mini or mini laptop. Can anybody think of anything
    off-hand that might work for me? At a pinch HDMI or DVI interfaces
    might work - am more interested in maintaining the full-screen TV
    playback without having to go full screen in WMP.
    mwalsh, Oct 30, 2007
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  2. mwalsh

    M.I.5¾ Guest

    As long as a dual head graphics adaptor is fitted this feature should work
    while 2 monitors are fitted. Dual monitor support (or to be precise multi
    monitor support - it isn't limited to 2), is actually provided by Windows
    out of the box. We operate a couple of PCs here that have a pair of dual
    head graphics cards driving 4 monitors, 2 of which have full screen video.
    No other support software was loaded.
    M.I.5¾, Oct 31, 2007
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