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Ultra10, UPA kills serial console?

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by eurosnob, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. eurosnob

    eurosnob Guest

    I just picked up an Ultra 10 "series 3" Creator3D model with both the
    onboard PGX24 (VGA-HD15) and a long UPA video card (13W3 connector and
    another I don't recognize, with a bunch of names in the bottom corner,
    with two of them striked out -- wonder what the story is there); I
    don't have a Sun monitor around anymore, or really anything that
    doesn't use DVI, so I'm serial console'ing it.

    The system works great, better than I'd have expected for the $5 I
    spent (440MHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB hard drive), with one oddity... If the
    UPA card is installed, the serial console never comes up: I'm using
    miniterm on Linux with a hardware DB9 serial port on an old VAIO
    laptop, and the status indicator goes from Offline to Online when the
    Ultra is switched on, but after several minutes there's no OBP prompt
    or other text.

    Power down, yank the UPA card, fire it back up, and within a few
    seconds everything is "ok ". =)

    There's no keyboard, mouse, or monitor attached, just the power cord
    and the serial cable.

    Is this normal behavior?

    eurosnob, Apr 20, 2006
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  2. Did you also plug in a keyboard?

    Casper H.S. Dik, Apr 20, 2006
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