Unable to boot computer when external USB hard drive is turned on.

Discussion in 'HP' started by Debbie the Dogged, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. I just bought a Seagate external 200GB USB/Firewire hard drive, and
    connected via USB (2.0) to my a850e (with AMD Athlon 64 3400 cpu). I
    used Seagate's Disk Wizard utility to partition the external drive into
    3 "data only" - supposedly - partitions. Now, it works perfectly if I
    turn on the external drive when the computer is already up and running -
    plug'n'play recognizes it, and all is well. However, if I turn it on
    before I boot up the computer, I get a message, after the initial boot
    sequence screen, about "OS not found". I figure the system is trying to
    boot off the external drive, and I've played around with the boot order
    setting in the BIOS, and can't seem to hit upon the right settings.
    Anyone have any ideas? TIA.
    Debbie the Dogged, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. On the seventh day, Debbie the Dogged wrote...
    you might try to disable the usb legacy support but since that disables usb
    keyboards and mice in non-windows mode as well, I'd just disable the drive
    for as long as the pc needs to boot up.

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    Christian =?ISO-8859-1?Q?D=FCrrhauer?=, Apr 13, 2005
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