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UNCONFIRMED info on ATI GPU for Nintendo Wii: 8 pixel pipelines, 8 MB embedded RAM, programmable T&L

Discussion in 'ATI' started by AirRaid Mach 2.5, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. with grain of salt in hand, you can read some VERY interesting,
    though very much unconfirmed, and even possibly bogus, technical
    information (very simple stuff) regarding the ATI "Hollywood" graphics
    processor (GPU) for the Nintendo Revolution, now known as the Nintendo

    As well as Broadway's (the CPU) power compared to other CPUs, and the
    console's performance overall. Plus the amount of RAM embedded into
    the Hollywood GPU. They're saying 8 MB total (embedded) which is
    significantly more than the 3.12 MB of 1T-SRAM embedded into Gamecube's
    Flipper GPU.

    coincidentally / incidentally, the Gamecube, when it was known as
    Dolphin, was SUPPOSED to have AT LEAST 8 MB of 1T-SRAM embedded into
    the Flipper GPU. but when Gamecube spec was fully revealed in August
    2000 at Space World, a less powerful console had emerged with less main
    memory and less embedded memory in Flipper, than what was expected when
    the console was known as Dolphin.

    back to these POSSIBLE revelations regarding Wii's graphics and overall
    processing capabilities, it suggests that Wii is significantly more
    powerful than 1.5x ~ 2x Gamecube, roughly closer to 4x, in some areas,
    such as pixel fillrate.

    Gamecube - Flipper fillrate:
    648 Mpixels/sec (4 pixel pipes * 162 MHz)

    Wii - Hollywood *possible* *estimated* fillrate:
    ~1944 Mpixels/sec (8 pixel pipes * 243 MHz)

    the nicest comment is, supposedly all games are being targeted towards
    60fps (in 480p). This is something I've wanted since the Dreamcast, but
    it has not happened so far. not on PS2, Gamecube or Xbox, and not even
    with "next-gen" Xbox360 games and upcoming PS3 games. I was spoiled
    on consistant 60fps games from Namco and SEGA in the arcades, beginning
    with Ridge Racer in 1993, continuing through the Sega MODEL-2 and
    MODEL-3 generation arcade games of the mid-late 1990s.

    Even if this Nintendo Wii "news" turns out to be true, the Nintendo Wii
    would still NOT be as powerful as either Xbox360 or PlayStation3,
    though significantly better than a "Gamecube 1.5x" ....many gamers
    have been upset, up in arms about the strong indications from IGN that
    this would be the case.

    okay without further delay, here is the SUPPOSED interview with the
    SUPPOSED new info on Wii hardware, especially the ATI graphics



    Easy Nintendo: First i would like to thank you for this interview, it
    really means alot to us here at Easy Nintendo.
    Red Steel got alot of attention at E3 this year, what is Ubisofts
    reaction to that?

    Xavier Poix: Well we are very happy that everyone got to experience it
    for themselves and that many of them came away pleased.

    EN: How is the online multiplayer going to work? how many players, what
    sort of modes will it have?
    XP: Unfortunately i cannot comment on anything new in regard to
    multiplayer at this time other than to say it will have most if not all
    of the standard modes you would expect from a first person shooter.

    EN: Can you comment on the price?
    XP: (laughs) Sorry.

    EN: How about the Wii hardware? What are the specs?
    XP: Although i cannot give you exact numbers at this time i can give
    you a rough idea about the power of the machine. I would compare the
    graphics chip to somewhere inbetween the ATI Radeon X1400 and the
    Radeon X1600, and the CPU to between the AthlonXP 2400+ and the
    AthlonXP 3000+.

    EN: Can you tell us how much memory at what speed the Wii has?
    XP: I cannot say how much memory the Wii has, but its running at

    EN: As we saw in many current-gen titles, 480p can result in
    significant jaggies. Can we expect AA and AF from Ubisoft's Wii titles?
    XP: Red steel will have 4x Antialiasing and 8x Anisotropic Filtering.

    EN: What's been your favorite thing about working on Red Steel?
    XP: The controller, easily.

    EN: What was the biggest challenge?
    XP: Not telling the world about it back in january (laughs). Honestly
    the biggest challenge has been making sure the control is just right.

    EN: Will Rayman on the Wii be a port of the current-gen game with new
    controls, or will it have new art assets for Wii?
    XP: Its not a port, other than that i cannot say.

    EN: We've been hearing a lot of consistent talk about 60fps at 480p
    widescreen from other developers. Is this something we'll see a lot of
    on Wii?
    XP: I believe so yes.

    EN: Why is this target so easy to hit?
    XP: The hardware is totally free of bottlenecks, nothing is slowing us

    EN: For us graphics whores, what kind of sweet graphical effects will
    we see in Red Steel or Rayman that we haven't
    seen in Gamecube games?
    XP: We have alot of self shadowing going on, also we will have some
    normal maps and bump maps things like that.

    EN: Will there be any innovative uses of physics in Rayman?
    XP: Quite a few interesting things with physics in both Red Steel and
    in Rayman. We've got ragdoll in Red Steel for

    EN: You said that you were using FEAR as inspiration for Red Steel's
    AI. How is that shaping up?
    XP: Yes, we loved FEAR and we tried to draw alot from it in terms of
    AI. In Red Steel the AI will throw grenades
    back at you, it will duck for cover and also try to flank you. Many

    EN: Will we see any sort of single disc network play like you have on
    the DS?
    XP: No comment.

    EN: Will Sam Fisher be making a return to Nintendo's home console?
    XP: At some point.

    EN: Lost Magic was one of the first compelling 3rd-party games for the
    DS in a while. Does Ubisoft have any more big
    plans for the handheld?
    XP: We do, keep an eye on the Tokyo Gameshow.

    EN: What was your favorite Ubisoft Gamecube title?
    XP: Prince of Persia (all of them)

    EN: Speaking of Prince of Persia, will we be seeing more acrobatic
    platforming adventures on Wii?
    XP: No comment.

    EN: Metroid Hunters was an amazing feat on the DS. Any chance that Ubi
    will enter the fray with an FPS of their own?
    XP: Possibly.

    EN: Could you possibly tell us anything specific about the Wii GPU?
    XP: I can tell you that it has double the number of pixel pipelines (of
    gamecube), and that it processes physics. It really takes a huge load
    off of the cpu.

    EN: Is the T&L setup fixed function like it was on the gamecube?
    XP: No, fully programmable.

    EN: How much Edram does it have?
    XP: 2MB for the framebuffer 2MB for the Zbuffer and 4MB for texture
    cache. Unfortunately I am out of time, id like to come back for another
    interview sometime.

    EN: Thank you very much Mr. Poix.

    it'll be interesting to see if this supposed info holds up, and how it
    compares to whatever the truth really is regarding Nintendo Wii's
    performance (lol that sounds fucking funny) specifically *graphics*

    Wii shall see, won't wii ?

    AirRaid Mach 2.5, Jun 1, 2006
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  2. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    The Nintendo people have been trying to brainwash us with the "forget about
    graphics, it's about control" BS in order attempt to draw attention away
    from the weakly powered baby system. Only babies would appreciate those

    Back in the Genesis and SNES days, graphics were everything as I have been
    explaining on here. The SNES had the clear-cut best conventional system
    graphics out. It did not stop Sega from being the winner, but then Nintendo
    loved to have the graphical advantage.

    Then in the N64, Playstation, Saturn and even Dreamcast days, graphics still
    mattered. In fact, Nintendo had the cleanest, but not the most polygon rich
    graphics out until the Dreamcast came and brought us the type of graphics
    that should have been. The N64 was another falsly powered system. Built
    with special effects designed to maximize quality and disguise it's weak
    power which is why they could not compete. While it's graphics could not
    touch an arcade machine, they were very clean.

    Now, in the PS2, Dreamcast, GC and X-Box - graphics did not matter! Almost
    all games across the board for the systems were virtually the same. Even
    magazine reviews just reviewed one game and let the reader assume that they
    were all equal, give or take unique additions. Now that may all change back
    into the Genesis/SNES days where you had separate reviews for the same game
    on different systems. The Wii is underpowered and a graphically serious
    game for PS3 and 360 will almost certainly be quite different or like Street
    Fighter II for Genesis vs. SNES different. They will look similar, but one
    will be considerably weaker and not up to par. Now with 3 machines and two
    who match up and the other who does not match up with the other two - spells
    doom for Wii. That is when the public(if they actually go for this gimmick)
    will see the difference and see that Nintendo has sold them a bill of goods.
    Nintendo needs to stop playing games or just admit or market their systems
    as kiddy systems and not serious gaming machines.
    Guest, Jun 1, 2006
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  3. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    WiiWii Guest

    There are quite a few games on PS2 targeted for 60fps, not all, but
    many of the top tier titles are geared towards that. This is the reason
    I enjoy racing games on PS2 more than Xbox or GC.

    WiiWii, Jun 1, 2006
  4. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    El Guapo Guest

    Why do you care so much about a console for "babies?" Why do you care how
    Nintendo markets the machine if you aren't interested in it at all?
    El Guapo, Jun 1, 2006
  5. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    First of One Guest

    Yada yada yada. The fact that Wii significantly undercuts both the XBox 360
    and PS3 in pricing should ensure strong sales. Simple as that.
    First of One, Jun 1, 2006
  6. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    I am not entitled to watch the business?
    Guest, Jun 1, 2006
  7. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    Yeah, but if it does, then Nintendo has scammed people out of their money.
    Guest, Jun 1, 2006
  8. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Paul C. Guest

    Yes they will do well in the market niche for people looking for cheaper
    less powerful machines. There's room for more than one console, Nintendo
    has survived in 3rd place before so they can do it again with the Wii.
    Paul C., Jun 2, 2006
  9. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    First of One Guest

    Hardly a niche, more like the mainstream. "If it isn't about anything else,
    it's about the money." Most buyers aren't hardcore enough to know the
    difference between shadow volumes and a hole in the ground. They are not
    going to put down $500-$600 for a PS3. They will buy the machine upon seeing
    the phallic-looking controller and the iPod-like exterior design. Not
    necessarily characteristics appealing to you or me, but to the metrosexual

    And remember, something as simple as mfg yields can make or break a system.
    It's quite possible Nintendo will gain a huge sales lead just because Sony
    can't produce its more complicated PS3 fast enough. Yield has plagued pretty
    much every manufacturer at some point - Intel, ATi, nVidia, 3dfx, Samsung...
    First of One, Jun 2, 2006
  10. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    Have YOU looked at the trailers??? Even for the Zelda Twilight Princess
    coming out for the GC version?????

    The graphics are gorgeous. You don't have to have the heaviest hardware
    platform to have great looking games.

    There comes a point when extra graphics becomes a burden on the machine and
    the game (AND the programmers and the COST of the game to break-even.).

    I hope SONY does well with the PS3. But from here, it doesn't look good for
    them at the moment. $499?? $599???

    $249 looks a whole lot better, for a machine that DOESN'T require a HDTV to
    enjoy what you paid out $499/$599 for.

    I look forward to the WII. It will be a KILLER game console (FINALLY!) from
    the BIG N.
    Guest, Jun 2, 2006
  11. Wah, wah, wah. Shut up cry baby.
    Mr. 2 In The Morning, Jun 2, 2006
  12. The Gamecube has always been cheaper than the PS2 and Xbox, yet it is the
    worst selling of the three consoles.
    Hank the Rapper, Jun 2, 2006
  13. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Ray Blaak Guest

    It doesn't matter. Watch and comment because you want to.

    As long as you give reasoned posts, even if contrary, then they are worth

    You don't need to ask for permission on usenet.
    Ray Blaak, Jun 2, 2006
  14. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    Good point. Didn't the X-Box come out after the Gamecube?
    Guest, Jun 2, 2006
  15. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    blue Guest

    Don't bother listening to guest. He's a 'pretend' hardcore gamer who
    only likes quasi-realistic games like GTA. He's not interested in
    gameplay at all just graphics. He thinks anything that isn't HD is a
    'scam' and won't even consider anybody elses opinions repetitevly saying
    things like "nobody cares about...(fill in the Nintendo product)" the
    nobody he's talking about is himself clearly, as he doesn't seem to
    understand numbers.
    blue, Jun 2, 2006
  16. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    silentpig Guest

    I can see why they would want to look away from the graphics but its
    nintendo and to them it is about the quality of most of their games.
    Unlike the other companies that put out shitty games all of the time.
    silentpig, Jun 2, 2006
  17. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    If you say that you do not like or think that the GTA games are lame, you
    are no hard-core gamer in the least.

    He's not interested in
    Like a fine woman(for those of you who like woman and are men), you must be
    atrracted to it before you want to play.

    He thinks anything that isn't HD is a
    You words, not mine.

    and won't even consider anybody elses opinions repetitevly

    Like you broken record/robotic Nintendo people using that same lines over
    and over?

    Ok, the numbers. The numbers stat that Nintendo is in LAST place and who
    gives a **** about handhelds except Nintendo employees and stock holders?
    Guest, Jun 2, 2006
  18. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Guest Guest

    Like I wrote elsewhere. Nintendo's history is of a company who DID give a
    damn about graphics. On each of their system even up to the Gamecube, they
    always had something unique about their systems graphically that made them
    stand out from the rest. Sadly, most people did not realize that the GC had
    some serious textures. Although they had the hardware texture decompression
    probably because of the limited memory from those cute little mini DVD's.

    Now that they cannot compete, it is not about graphics? They (keep) saying
    "forget about graphics, it's all about the control!" Their history proves
    it WAS all about the graphics and they had a new controller also. Now that
    their graphics don't match up to the competition, they took the control too
    far in order to draw attention away from graphics. Really, what VIDEOgame
    company is going to tell you to forget about graphics? This is like a movie
    theaters telling you to forget about the picture, it's all about the sound.
    It is like an automobile maker say forget about the engine, it's about the
    steering. I know how to smell propaganda a mile away. See, this time the
    only thing unique that Nintendo has to offer is this controller. They have
    lost the graphics race for the first time. It will show in the long run.
    This Wii will be Nintendo's Saturn.
    Guest, Jun 2, 2006
  19. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    El Guapo Guest

    Sure, you're entitled. I'm not the usenet police. I just don't understand
    why you would post five paragraphs full of supposed history lessons and
    dubious advice for Nintendo, when you have already decided that they only
    make products for babies.
    El Guapo, Jun 2, 2006
  20. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    El Guapo Guest

    Naw. I would say it's more like a studio concentrating on strong scripts,
    acting, and directing over "blockbusters" that concentrate only on special

    We already have two companies dedicated to pumping out "blockbuster" games.
    Who needs a third?
    No, it's like an automobile manufacturer emphasizing the driving experience
    over raw horsepower.
    You don't think that Nintendo could afford to put out a console more
    powerful than either the XBox or the PS3? They could, and if they did, they
    could offer it at a lower price than the PS3 by not including Blu-ray. They
    have chosen to go in another direction, however. Can you blame them?
    People don't see Nintendo as the company with the high powered hardware any
    more. That's not their niche. People see Nintendo as purely a game
    company, that makes affordable systems and great games. That's why the Wii
    is an idea that is going to work for them. They are finally going with
    their strengths rather than trying to compete head on with companies willing
    to heavily subsidize their consoles in order to get a foothold in some
    imaginary "center of the living room" market. Let Microsoft and Sony duke
    it out for market share. While they do that, Nintendo will be laughing all
    the way to the bank, and a lot of people are going to have fun playing their
    cool little console while they do.
    El Guapo, Jun 2, 2006
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