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Universal IC programmers ----> Distributor wanted

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by RK-SYSTEM, Jul 16, 2004.


    RK-SYSTEM Guest

    Dear Sirs,

    We are manufacturer of universal device programmers. We are looking for
    distributor in different countries.

    Currently, we have the following models:

    1) UprogHS 84 - Dual package with boundled 48DIP and universal 84PLCC or
    SOIC/TSOP44 support. UprogHS 84 high speed programmer can be also used as a
    eight socket gang programmer. This model has some additional options:
    tester, emulator, logic analyzer. Device list about 7700 chips. More

    2) UprogHS 48 portable - High speed USB 48DIP portable programmer with
    additional options: tester, emulator, logic analyzer. More details:

    3) UprogHS 48 - High speed 48DIP programmer with additional options: tester,
    emulator, logic analyzer. Device list about 7500 chips. More details:

    4) Uprog 48 - Universal programmer with 48DIP socket supporting about 7000
    chips. More details:

    5) Uprog40 - Universal programmer with 40DIP socket supporting about 6300
    chips. More details:

    All offered models are good quality and quite easy to sell. The device lists
    of all programmers are strongly and quickly developed and all software
    updates are free of charge!

    We can offer very good reselling conditions !

    ul. Che³moñskiego 30
    05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki
    tel. +48 22 724 30 39
    tel. +48 22 755 69 83
    fax +48 22 724 30 37
    fax +48 22 755 58 78

    RK-SYSTEM, Jul 16, 2004
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