Unknown cpu type problem ak77-8x

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by toto116, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. toto116

    toto116 Guest


    I have just upgraded my system using an amd 2800xp aopen ak77-8x mobo
    & 512mb kingston 333 ddr.

    When i boot the machine the bios screen shows unknown cpu type 2075mhz

    anyone have any ideas what i have done. the pc performs normally.


    toto116, Jul 16, 2003
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  2. toto116

    c Guest

    More than likely you need a BIOS update. Here is the page to download the
    latest version:


    c, Jul 16, 2003
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  3. toto116

    toto116 Guest

    Thanks for your help all now ok


    toto116, Jul 18, 2003
  4. toto116

    bardman Guest

    IM NOT SURE BUT HAVE YOU UPGRADED TO newest bios?if not seems like your
    a canidate for new bios (ps please be sure to follow directions you
    could destroy motherboard)if it wont boot take it down to say 133 bus
    or less just get it to boot up you know how to change bus speed?
    bardman, Nov 16, 2003
  5. toto116

    c Guest

    Definitely need a BIOS upgrade for Barton core support. You BIOS needs to be
    version 1.11 or newer.

    Here is the BIOS page for the AK77-8X

    Version 1.14 is the latest, so you might as well flash to that right away.

    c, Nov 16, 2003
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