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Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by cethiesus, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. cethiesus

    cethiesus Guest

    I just put together an SK41G system with one 512MB stick of Mushkin
    PC2100 (DDR266/133Mhz) RAM. I initially had trouble getting everything
    working, what with bad cables, incorrect jumpers, and other things,
    but I eventually got most everything working correctly. The only
    remaining problem is that the BIOS is only recognizing the memory
    stick as 256MB (recognizes it as DDR266, though) instead of 512MB
    (WindowsXP reports 256MB as well). I've pulled and reinstalled the
    stick a few times and tried both DIMM slots with no luck. I've
    disabled all the shared memory/video cache settings and I'm pretty
    certain the stick hasn't been mislabeled, although I don't have
    another system to test it out on.

    Any suggestions?
    cethiesus, Oct 20, 2003
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