Unreliable CDR burns on Dell 4100/Sony CRX140E [Was: Smelly CDs?]

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Phred, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Phred

    Phred Guest

    Okay, you asked for it! ;-) I can only agree -- which is why I'm
    rather pissed off with this Dell 4100 running ME and Dell OEM ECDC
    4.02d with a Sony CRX140E CD-RW drive. Been meaning to mention this
    for some time now, so here goes...

    I can usually get two or three good burns each boot-up before it clags
    out again, invariably with the following errors:

    T0100: I/O error (06/C5/00) - Write error - buffer underrun occurred
    T0100: I/O error (06/C5/00) - Write error - buffer underrun occurred
    T7127: TrackWriter error - Flush failed
    T7118: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed

    At the time the system decides the CD-R is stuffed it usually claims
    "97% complete" (sometimes even "99% complete"). But when you inspect
    the rejected CD-R it's clear it has only burnt a fraction of the
    available space (e.g. 3 to 5 mm track width of the full 32(?) mm).

    I've had the problem with several different brands (=>7) and dye
    types, and it *may* be more common when making data CD copies than
    writing from HDD to CD-R. (In the latter case I usually make a disk
    image first; but the "copy" does that too, having only one drive.)

    Strangely enough (and now touching all wood in sight :) I've never had
    a problem with routine writing to CD-RWs and formatted CD-Rs using
    DirectCD 3.01d_D5 which came with the other Dell stuff, and I do this
    daily (but it's usually only 20 to 30 MB at a time as an XCOPY
    operation from a DOS window).

    In the absence of other likely culprits, I'm tending to blame Windows
    ME (after all, it does get a lot of bad PR :) because I also have
    problems with Windows Explorer working like it's crawling through
    treacle after it's been used to list a few big directories (lots of
    files rather than space used) and if this behaviour is let go for some
    time (i.e.no reboot) it gets to the stage where screen windows take
    *ages* to close down, as though there is a lot of behind the scenes
    processing happening [no HDD activity though] or, perhaps, just some
    timeout waiting to happen.

    As said, it seems to happen whenever I've been accessing lots of
    files; which includes copying, deleting, or simply just scrolling
    through a long directory list. How many is "lots"? Well occasional
    data directories have upwards of 2500 files, though nearly all would
    be less than 500 and most much less than that. Backup CD-Rs would
    usually contain between 4000 and 12000 files.

    Cheers, Phred.
    Phred, Feb 15, 2004
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