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Update: A7N8x-x , AMD Athlon 2200+ @2800+

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by M Arino, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. M Arino

    M Arino Guest

    Hi there,

    In my last message, I reported @2700+ with stock voltage.
    Last night I got all sorts of crashes with "Enemy territory",
    multiplayer FPS (odd things happened too)

    Today I have had a few odd program crashes, and Windows (XP) locked up
    twice or thrice in an 6 hour InDesign + Explorer + M$ Word + Photoshop
    + Acrobat 6 Pro + Winamp session... I only had to actually reset once
    in the whole day (the other times I got these blue "we lock up for
    security" screens) is this normal or should I worry? The main offender
    seemed to be Adobe InDESIGN.
    I got annoyed at this, so I lowered for the latter part of the day the
    multiplier to 12.5 and the lockups seemed to go away but I also opened
    less programs at the same time.

    OK, next thing: I got Sisoft SANDRA, got the "I want my CPU to beat
    the Intel reference" blues. So I started tweaking VCore. I did go up
    to VCORE 1,675 (two notches up) and now I am running with FSB 166,
    Multi 13.5. The ASUSPROBE reports 28 Celsius (82 Farenheit) while I
    write this... FYI I use Thermaltake Volcano 7+ (all copper heatsink)
    with the lowest fan setting. My CPU does beat in the benchmarks the
    P4 2.6 Mhz (I must be a sad sad individual to get kicks from this :)

    All in all, thanx for the advice, cause all I know about OC I learned
    lurking here, and I hope I add something here... I guess I will go for
    the 3000+
    M Arino, Oct 14, 2003
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