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Update Connector Fails - Not firewall, not DNS, not happy.

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Pete Bennett, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Pete Bennett

    Pete Bennett Guest

    I have been trying to get my Start => Program Files => Access IBM => IBM
    Update Connector to work, but without any helpful messages, it always fails.
    It even fails when I am dialled up without a NAT router or my own personal
    (Zone Alarm Pro) firewall running.

    It goes "Contacting the IBM HelpCenter", ticks up the percentage complete to
    32%, but then pops up an error message just saying: -
    IBM Update Connector
    "An error occurred while gathering information about your machine, plesae
    contact the IBM HelpCenter."

    This is update connector 5.32 on a model R50p bought in April/May. I'm
    quite keen to get this working, since rundll32 with the current IBM Power
    management keeps hogging the CPU.

    Pete Bennett, Jun 14, 2004
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  2. Pete Bennett

    Pete Bennett Guest

    I have managed to get through to the IBM Help Center, who said that I have
    the latest version of the Update Connector. They then pointed me at the IBM
    site www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?Indocid=MIGR-53178
    (I think it was tpdrivers.com)
    to get the lates ACPI Power Management tools updated.
    I asked why the Update Connector had never worked, and they decided that
    there was an on-going server-side problem with the update connector server
    at IBM and that there is nothing wrong with the update connector on my

    I asked if I could be informed by e-mail when the server was fixed, since it
    obviously been down for a long time, since this has never worked. They said
    that the IBM Message Center would inform me about when it was back up,
    since they always tells users when there is a significant update.
    I told them that my message centre (I'm in the UK after all) didn't tell me
    the ACPI Power Management update on the 24th of May (v1.26) - it goes
    from 18th of May to the 14th of June without any messages in between, so why
    would it tell me when Update Connector was working again?
    They decided to just tell me to keep an eye on the drivers site and manually
    download and install updates when they are highlighted in red.
    I suggested that the update connector should work, and that even Micro$oft
    can make their updates automatic.
    "I can understand your frustration, sir" I thought at that point that they
    actually going to help at all, and I rather doubt that there is an Update
    server problem, but since I wasn't paying for the call, I think they just
    wanted me
    off their backs and into manual mode on their driver update page.


    Pete Bennett, Jun 14, 2004
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  3. Pete Bennett

    Lord Nihil Guest

    There does not appear to be anything wrong with IBM's Update Connector
    servers. They appear to be working just fine.

    Can you open Task Manager and see if you have a process running called
    "javaw.exe"? If so, kill the process and then try Update Connector again.

    If this fixes the problem, you'll probably have to uninstall IBM Rapid
    Restore Ultra and replace it with IBM Rescue and Recovery with Rapid

    Also, I heard that a new version of the Update Connector client software
    is going to be released in the next month or so.

    -Lord Nihil
    Lord Nihil, Jun 14, 2004
  4. Pete Bennett

    C. Eastwood Guest


    My Update Connector V5.32 is working fine, but about 3 months ago there was
    indeed a server side problem that took a couple days to fix that acted like
    your symptoms, so maybe it was down for a while.

    C. Eastwood, Jun 14, 2004
  5. Pete Bennett

    Pete Bennett Guest

    Ecky thump, the "kill javaw and retry" worked, or at least it connected and
    told me I was already up to date, which I find hard to believe, but there
    you go.

    Thanks for that!

    Pete Bennett, Jun 15, 2004
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