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UPDATE: HSMC General Purpose Interface Board, example FPGA design and Excel interface

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Nial Stewart, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Nial Stewart

    Nial Stewart Guest

    Should have crossposted with with comp.arch.fpga.

    At the end of November we released the HSMC GPIB, this provides much
    needed functionality to any Altera dev kit with an HSMC connector

    8 * 10 bit ADC Inputs
    8 * 10 bit DAC Outputs
    2 * General Purpose 8 bit Digital IO ports
    3 * RS232 Interfaces
    2 * RS484 Interfaces
    3 * One Wire Interfaces (2 of these can be combined for 5V I2C communications, all 3 can be used as
    jumper selection inputs)
    Micro SD card socket (SPI lines connected)
    Header for an FTDI Vinculum VDIP1 or pin compatible NSD FT245R USB slave board, this can also be
    used as a 16 bit general purpose digital IO header.
    8 * LEDs
    2 * SPI Interfaces

    We have since released the USB interface board that used the FT245R use with the GPIB.

    A user guide was initially posted, this has been followed with an example
    FPGA project with driver modules including the FT245R interface.

    This is probably a useful example design for anyone starting in FPGA design.

    An small example Excel app has been posted, this demonstrates how the
    board (or anything else) can easily be driven from Excel via a PC's serial port.

    Details at...


    We have a USB interface board based on the new FTDI FT2232H device in the pipeline. This
    will plug in the GPIB USB socket and should allow data transfers at 25M Byte/second.

    Nial Stewart

    Nial Stewart Developments Ltd Tel: +44 131 516 8883
    32/12 Hardengreen Business Park Fax: +44 131 663 8771
    Dalkeith, Midlothian
    EH22 3NX
    Nial Stewart, Jan 7, 2009
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