Update on my peril with the iTunes Music Store

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Cyde Weys, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Cyde Weys

    Cyde Weys Guest

    So, long story short, my hard drive died under warranty and I lost
    everything that was on it. So I sent iTMS tech support the following

    The hard drive on my PowerBook recently died, taking all of my data with
    it. I had purchased a good number of iTunes songs. My PowerBook was
    under the Apple Extended Care Warrantee (you know, the $349 one). I\'m
    assuming you guys have kept a record of all the songs I bought - is it
    possible to re-enable downloading on those songs, i.e. I go into the
    Advanced->Check For Purchased Music and re-download all of my purchased
    songs? If this is not free, is it possible to do it for a fee that is
    less than $.99 per song and just covers the bandwidth for each song? If
    none of this is possible, can I at least get a list of all the songs I
    bought so I know what I had? Thanks.

    Much to my surprise I got the following message. HOOAH!!

    Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.

    Having carefully considered your request, we will allow you to
    re-download the titles that you have purchased from the iTunes Music
    Store. To download again, open iTunes and select Check for Purchased
    Music from iTunes' Advanced menu.

    Please note that this is a one-time exception to the iTunes Music Store
    Terms of Service. We strongly advise that you back up your hard disk
    regularly. This will prevent you from having to purchase replacement
    copies of your songs should they be lost.

    But then, it didn't work correctly. So I sent this message.

    I'm on a Windows PC right now (my Mac is in the shop). I previously
    asked you for help about the iTunes songs I lost when my (under
    warrantee) hard drive died, and you sent a message to the effect that I
    could use the "Check For Purchased Music" option to get my music back.
    Here is my problem. First a popup progress bar displays for a bit
    ("Accessing music store"), then a progress bar in the iTunes pill-shaped
    bubble at the top gets going ("Checking for purchased music"), and then
    it gives me this pop-up error: "Unable to check for purchased music. An
    unknown error occurred (500)." Why can't I get my songs back? "Check
    For Purchased Music" used to work for me, but ever since I got the
    message that you guys put my lost songs back into my account for
    downloading, I'm getting this error message. Thanks for the help.

    And in response I got the following:

    The error you have encountered is likely caused by the presence of web
    acceleration or firewall software. While the iTunes Music Store is
    unable to provide technical support, we can recommend that you either
    test your connection to the iTunes Music Store without the presence of
    this software or configure your system to allow access to the Music
    Store's address.

    For assistance in configuring your firewall, you may need to contact its
    manufacturer. For further information on the ports and address used by
    the iTunes Music Store, please review the following articles:

    "Well Known" TCP and UDP Ports Used By Apple Software Products

    iTunes for Windows: Music Store - Using With Internet Filters or

    So then, I tried again on different computers/internet connections and
    sent off the following message:

    Hello, I previously wrote to you about problems using the "Check for
    purchased music" feature under the Advanced menu. You wrote back to
    tell me that it was probably an issue with my firewall. Well, I'm now
    at an Apple Store on your network and I'm still getting the same error.
    The tech I'm talking to says firewalls shouldn't be an issue here, but
    I'm still getting the error. Thus it cannot be a problem of network
    ports getting blocked and there must be something wrong with my account
    (on your end). Any help would be appreciated - I have quite a few songs
    to download ever since my hard drive died under warranty and I got a
    message from you guys that I could use the "Check for purchased music"
    to get my songs back because they had re-enabled downloading them on my
    Here is an exact copy of the error message I get:
    "Unable to check for purchased music. An unknown error occurred (500)."

    And then I got the following response:

    We have escalated your report to iTunes Music Store engineering and we
    will send you an email message once we have a resolution. You can expect
    an update within 24 to 72 hours. Thank you for your patience as we work
    to make your experience with the iTunes Music Store more enjoyable.

    So that's where I stand ... I broke the iTMS (at least for my account),
    and they had to send it off to the engineer team to fix the bug. Oh
    well. Hopefully at the end of the day (figuratively) I'll have all of
    my purchased music back.
    Cyde Weys, Jul 3, 2004
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  2. <SNIP>

    You are getting a lot of assistance, hope it works out for you.
    Burn CD's of all the music you bought when it works ...
    I understand that you can burn them "lossless" i.e as .aiff's
    Joakim Wendel, Jul 3, 2004
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  3. Cyde Weys

    Cyde Weys Guest

    Yeah, but there's a downside from taking a file from a lossy format to
    another lossy format.

    aac -> CD WAV -> aac/mp3/whatever is a loss of data.

    What I'm going to do is just back them up onto a DVD in their original
    Cyde Weys, Jul 4, 2004
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