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Updated 2200BG drivers for wireless

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by JDThree [MVP], Sep 6, 2004.

  1. For people with Toshibas (and maybe others) that use the 2200GB intel 802.11
    b/g device, there are updates out there to take us from the intel proset 8.0
    to 8.1.

    Unfortunately, in my case, Toshiba hasn't done any yet, and the Intel website
    still doesn't have it posted yet for download, even though last month many
    other manufacturers included it in their updates for their mobile devices.

    I found a download here -

    (watch for wrapping)

    Installed it on my Toshiba M200 and it's worked great. I had been having
    random bluescreens because of the included driver - something Intel evidently
    has seen a lot of, so it wasn't just my own weird setup here at least. This
    version is working great for me, no more bluescreens.

    So for anyone else who was getting random bluescreens from the wifi, or for
    geeks like me who just like to have the newest driver for some psychotic
    reason, here you go.

    Normal warnings apply as for any upgrade, get a backup, a system restore
    point, an image, whatever process you use before doing changes.
    JDThree [MVP], Sep 6, 2004
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  2. JDThree [MVP]

    Al Edlund Guest

    Al Edlund, Jun 6, 2005
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