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Upgrade? And if so, what?

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Freewheeling, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Freewheeling

    Freewheeling Guest

    I have a bit of a problem, I think. The video went all haywire as soon
    as I logged on to XP, so I went into safe mode and disabled the video
    adapter, thinking XP would substitute something generic. But it didn't,
    it just blanked the display, so now I can't boot into safe mode.

    And to make matters worse, I got in to boot into regular mode for awhile
    before the screen when haywire, so I used the time to uninstall the ATI
    drivers, so now nothing works. Not sure what I can do. I'm pretty sure
    the device is booting to the logon screen, but I can't see anything. I
    figured that when I get the home network set up in a week or so I can
    Remote Desktop to the XP box, where the display will be governed by the
    second computer's video parameters. I've also installed XP on the other
    hard drive, so I have access to the files... if I knew what to do to
    change things so that the video works.

    That video card is a turkey.

    As for the cable connection, that hasn't started yet so strictly
    speaking I could cancel. But it's actually not a bad deal in comparison
    to the alternatives. Verizon's internet charges are way cheaper, but
    its phone rates are more expensive... so ends up costing the same for
    those two services. And, of course, if I did that I'd have no TV.
    Speakeasy is about the same as Verizon (more expensive internet, but
    cheaper phone).

    But the first order of business is to get my main XP box bootable, and
    then take back that video card. Maybe get a regular video card and
    worry about the tuner later.

    Anyway, it could be a lot worse. I didn't lose any data, and I
    installed that 2nd XP box on the partition that had the useless Lycos
    distribution, so didn't lose anything in terms of space. I may not be
    able to register it, though, with Gates' restrictions. Will they also
    balk at a new CPU?

    Anyway, it's irksome but it'll get sorted out.
    Freewheeling, Aug 28, 2006
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  2. Freewheeling

    Freewheeling Guest

    I'm not actually as stupid as this scenario makes me look. I just got a
    little P-Oed that the stupid card was screwing up the display, and chose
    the wrong thing to uninstall. I should have just uninstalled the
    software itself, instead of the drivers. I'm fairly sure it was the
    software that was screwing things up, mandating some really nifty fade
    effects no doubt.

    I talked to the ATI folks who told me that the board is probably bad,
    and I should take it back. Fine with me.

    BTW, if I get a new hard drive will Gates allow me to register my
    operating system on it? Also, what if I change the CPU? With the way
    hard drives crash I can't imagine that it'd be a problem, but you never
    know with those guys.

    Oh yes, there a fan on the motherboard that seems to be going south. It
    just barely turns. I wonder if that might be causing problems. It's
    not the processor fan, so I'm not sure what it does, but I'd better
    replace it (a second time). I usually hear them squeaking, but this one
    is just silently dying.

    Learning a lot, the hard way. Problem is, the technology will probably
    have changed by the time I figure this out. I used to program EProms in
    Assembly Language, believe it or not.
    Freewheeling, Aug 28, 2006
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  3. You know, the fact that you refer to Microsoft as "Gates" tells me
    roughly 90-plus percent of everything I'll EVER need to know about you.

    Well, whaddaya know? War WAS the answer, after all. Go figure.

    A lone Micronaut lost in a world of Star Wars action figures,
    (The Excessively Parenthetical) Geena-- Worrier Princess

    "Reciprocity... is the key to every relationship."
    --LAPD Capt. Dudley Smith (James Cromwell), in L.A. Confidential

    "Andy Warhol once said that everyone would be famous for fifteen
    minutes. The unfortunate corollary is that everyone will also appear in
    a Freddie Prinze, Jr. movie for fifteen minutes."

    "This is like driving a Rolls Royce, naked, in mink underpants."
    --Tony Bourdain

    "You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it
    helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons,
    but at the very least you need a beer."
    -- Frank Zappa

    "I'm not sayin' it's the best thing in the world FOR ya; I'm just sayin'
    it's the best thing in the world."
    -- Alton Brown

    "The most preposterous notion that H. sapiens has ever dreamed up is
    that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the Universes,
    wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their
    prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. Yet
    this absurd fantasy, without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all
    the expenses of the oldest, largest, and least productive industry in
    all history."
    -- Robert Heinlein
    Geena Phillips, Aug 28, 2006
  4. Freewheeling

    Wes Newell Guest

    I saw Win XP Saturday fro the first time in my life. i'm not impressed. I
    chenged the MB in my brothers box. XP wouldn't boot at all, not even into
    command line mode. I knew from reading that a repair install should fix
    it, but I couldn't get that option. After a little web searching dicovered
    it won't work if you have Go Back installed and enabled, which he did.
    Disabled that and then ran a repair install and got everything working.
    So, boot the install cd and do a repair install. That should get it
    Wes Newell, Aug 28, 2006
  5. Freewheeling

    Wes Newell Guest

    And the fact that you quoted 120 lines just to write your stupid remark
    and that your sigline of over 30 lines isn't setup properly tells me 100%
    of everything I need to know about you.
    Wes Newell, Aug 28, 2006
  6. Freewheeling

    Freewheeling Guest

    When I was younger, just as the PC was beginning to emerge and Apple
    didn't have any real competitors other than Commodore, a small software
    franchise opened up in the Pacific Northwest called "Microsoft". One of
    my techno-challenged friends observed that this might be construed as a
    form of hyper-impotence. Just goes to show what's not in a name.
    Freewheeling, Aug 28, 2006
  7. Freewheeling

    Freewheeling Guest

    I've done that. :-(
    I actually can't see any way other than to use Remote Desktop, assuming
    Windows is actually booting but I'm just unable to see it. The fact
    that it gets to the point where the logon screen should come up,
    suggests that it is, but I can't tell for sure without trying Remote.

    I hear that the Apple OS is far more stable than Windows. Heck, the
    Amiga operating system from 1986 was more stable, come to think of it.
    Windows was just a third-rate version of those, at the time. It got off
    the ground because, well... Big Blue.
    Freewheeling, Aug 28, 2006
  8. Freewheeling

    Freewheeling Guest

    I took the ATI board back. A question about the Sempron Socket 754
    3000+. The processor speed is listed at 1.8Ghz, so strictly speaking
    it's only marginally faster than the Thunderbird at 1.4Ghz. Would it be
    advisable to get a newer motherboard *and* a faster CPU? Alternatively,
    can the Sempron be overclocked to get it above 2.0 Ghz? If a new
    motherboard, what would you suggest?

    Also, there appear to be 2 flavors of the same CPU: 90nm SOI and 130nm
    SOI. Does it matter which? Finally, will my board take a 754 pin?
    It's supposed to be a Socket A. What's the difference? Just curious.
    Freewheeling, Aug 29, 2006
  9. Freewheeling

    Wes Newell Guest

    don't get a socket 754 3000+, get the 3100+. It has twice the cache.
    Either will clock well over 2GHz. I'm running a 3100+ at 2.1GHz now
    (9x233) and i didn't even raise vcore from 1.35v And you can't compare the
    1.4 of the old Tbird to 1.4 of a K8. Even at the same speed, the K8 will
    be quite a bit faster. As for a 754 MB, I'd get one with Nforce 3-250
    chipset or newer. If you want to consider an upgrade path I'd get a new
    AM2 MB. The one I'm using now is excellent and has all the bels and
    whistles you are likely to need for many years. it does require DDR2 ram
    though. But it will run anything from a Sempron to an X2 dual core.
    No, your board won't take a 754 Sempron, and you don't want a socket A
    Sempron because your board won't run at the default 166Mhz FSB speed. if
    you want to use your board, you'll need a cpu with a default 133MHz fsb or
    an unlocked model. upgrading your cpu is definately the cheapest route for
    more cpu power, but if you want to not leave yourself stuck, then an AM2
    MB and new cpu and ram won't cost too much if you start with a cheap CPU
    that will still be much faster than your tbird 1400. I know. Too many
    Wes Newell, Aug 30, 2006
  10. Freewheeling

    Freewheeling Guest

    I noticed that the bios on my board allows you to increase the FSB speed
    in 1 Mhz increments. I was sort of scared to try it, but basically
    there's a menu item for +1Mhz or -1Mhz, and you apply it repeatedly. I
    suppose one can't assume that this would actually work, but it's
    interesting that the bios software allows it.
    Freewheeling, Aug 31, 2006
  11. Freewheeling

    Wes Newell Guest

    Yes, and newer boards lock the other buses down so that changing the FSB
    doesn't get them out of spec. However older boards like yours didn't do
    that so when you change the FSB, you also effect the other buses in the
    system. Some boards allow setting the dividers of the bus speeds up to a
    max the chipset supported. The divider for the via 266 chipset is 4:2:1,
    at a 133MHz FSB. Meaning the FSB is divided by 4 for the nominal PCI bus
    speed of 33MHz. The 2 representes a multipler of the PCI bus spee for the
    nominal AGP bus speed of 66MHz and the 1 is for the ram bus speed. Divide
    or multiply the FSB. Either way, it runs at the same speeds as the FSB.
    Messing with the FSB speed gets tricky without a system lock on the other
    buses, but it's possible to to raise it some on any system if it's allowed
    in the bios.
    Wes Newell, Aug 31, 2006
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