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Upgrade asus X800PRO TVD to X800XT

Discussion in 'ATI' started by EQU, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. EQU

    EQU Guest

    Hello computer wizards outthere,

    Could someone please tell me if it is possible to open the extra 4 pipelines
    in the asus x800pro tvd and how to do this. I know with some vivo cards this
    is possible. Tried one time to flash with the gigabyte xt bios but it did
    not open them. Hope someone can help me out. I do not want to hardmod.

    Thnkx very much in advance.

    Greetz Etienne
    EQU, Sep 15, 2004
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  2. EQU

    Warty Guest

    Yep, it's a hardware Mod, not a software Mod on the Pro's and non VIVO (as
    in bios etc for the VIVO)

    I know because I've done it.

    Warty, Sep 15, 2004
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  3. EQU

    Lou Guest

    From what I have read it only works on the VIVO cards and it does not always
    give better performance results. Here is a clip from another NG post.

    "Not going to happen unless he has a VIVO model; since all x800 pro vivos
    have ATI Rage Theater or whatever it's called, and so do XT PEs,
    manufacturers just started out by relabeling failed XTs and disabling four
    pipes in the bios. This was probably a convenient way to get rid of tons and
    tons of would-be XTs whose 1.6ns ram can barely touch 500MHz let alone 540.
    Pretty much any vivo x800 available now will have a laser cut across that
    little bridge to the upper right of the core, just like the normal Pros.
    Apparently they're still using failed XT GPUs and RAM but for some reason
    even hardmodding doesn't usually work on them any more.
    If he does have a vivo model, just google x800 pro vivo soft mod. He'll need
    the Gigabyte

    (regardless of card brand) flash prog, the Gigabyte X800XT PE bios, and the
    ATI flash prog to backup and restore his original bios after (you can flash
    back and retain all 16 pipes).
    I have a softmodded Sapphire x800 vivo myself, it's not all that though;
    sure, if you're ridiculously lucky you have more or less an XT PE, but
    there's a reason it wasn't just sold as one. Mine's only stable with GPU/RAM
    both at 513MHz; going to need water (and obviously that won't do much for
    the ram) to get anything like I could with my regular ATI x800. All said
    it's still about 10% faster than my old one (with both oced) but it's no
    free XT. Will be neat if yields ever get good enough for even real XTs to be
    able to oc much."


    Another way to flash maybe here


    Good Luck
    Lou, Sep 15, 2004
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