Upgrade: Latitude CPi-A

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Anthony Perez, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Is there anyway to upgrade the 300Mhz CPU in this machine to something a
    little more
    faster? I'm sure Dell won't give any suggestions, other than getting a new
    machine :)

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    (o o)

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    Anthony Perez, Jul 10, 2003
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  2. It's too far out of date for much of an upgrade - you can go to a 400 MHz
    PII processor, but that's it.

    The video is not upgradeable and will be a sore point even with a faster
    Edward J. Neth, Jul 10, 2003
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  3. Anthony Perez

    Bill Mills Guest

    You can put in any MMC-2 processor either pentium or celeron, go to ebay and
    search on mmc-2. I put in a 650mhz Pentium. The cpia will not deal with
    speed step so the 650mhz processor will only run at about 550mhz in the cpia
    and you will get a microprocessor error message at boot (just press F1 and
    it will continue to boot).

    see the dell latitude upgrade forum for more information and experiences.
    Bill Mills, Jul 11, 2003
  4. Thanks Ed.
    Anthony Perez, Jul 11, 2003
  5. Thanks Bill - I was under the impression the CPi-A was running
    with an MMC-1. Hmmmm... going to 550Mhz is better than the
    current 300Mhz.

    I really love this laptop and don't want to part with it. =)
    I'll take a peek at the link you provided, thanks again.
    Anthony Perez, Jul 11, 2003
  6. Anthony Perez

    Bill Mills Guest

    The cpid, commonly called "cpi" and the cp are both mmc-1. The CpiA is a
    MMC-2. The cpia takes pc66 sdram. But when you go to the upgraded
    processor, you may need pc100. see the forum and do a search on "cpia
    processor" for more information on this.

    Video cannot be upgraded, it will not do 3d video which is let down for
    gamers. Otherwise the cpia works well for most folks, runs well with 98 or
    ME or 2000, there are video and sound driver shortcomings with XP,


    Bill Mills, Jul 11, 2003
  7. Thanks a bunch! =)
    Anthony Perez, Jul 11, 2003
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