Upgrade sound card and video card ,xp media center edition

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Guest, Aug 28, 2004.

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    I bought Dell Dimenson4600,Win XP Media Center Edition 2004, P4 2.8GHZ ,1GB
    RAM,ATI AIW9000(low profile),integrated sound,160 GB hard drive,DVD-Rom.

    I like to upgrade RETAIL (not Dell parts) Audigy 2 zl sound card , ATI AIW
    9000 pro video card and HP DVD Burner.

    I read in Dell forum about drivers problem upgrading media center edition

    Can i install dell driver for Audigy2 ZL sound card or from the creative web

    Is Retail AIW9000 pro card driver work with media center edition?

    Is better format and reinstall win xp mce when i upgrade ?
    Guest, Aug 28, 2004
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