Upgrading a Acer Aspire 1353 XC with Bluetooth and/or WLAN

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Gerhard Franke, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    i have bought a Acer Aspire 1353 XC, and it has two Buttons on it for
    Activating Bluetooth and WLAN. The Bigger Models in the 1350 Series have
    Build in. Do anyone know if i can Buy a Mini PCI Card for WLAN and
    Install it into the Aspire ? If there are Buttons for these Functions,
    and (i think) it is the same Mainboard all the 1350 Series, it has
    eventually a Mini PCI Slot or something similar for udgrading it in a
    Simple Way.

    Has Anyone the Service Manaual for it and can look if there are Slots
    for this on the Mainboard ?


    Gerhard Franke, Jan 1, 2005
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  2. Gerhard Franke

    HH Guest


    I have a similar PC (Aspire 1355).

    There is a modem card placed beside the RAM's (accessible from the
    underside of the PC). This modem card comes in two different flavours,
    one with BlueTooth combined and one without. I assume that it is
    possible to replace this card to get the BlueTooth function but I
    don't know if that's enough and the possible price of that card.

    The WLAN card is placed underneath the top cover of the PC near the
    place the power button is (above the keyboard). I don't know if that's
    a standard card but I don't think it is enough just to stick a card in
    there since you will not have an antenna. There are two different
    versions of the screen lid, one with a built in WLAN antenna and one
    without. To access the place where this card is you have to remove a
    screw placed on the back of the PC (above the parallell port) that
    secures a small part of the cover that hides the place where the
    cables goes up to the screen. Then it is 'just' to pop up the cover
    where the buttons are located.

    This is also the way to remove the keyboard which someone else asked
    about somewhere. It is easy available when the top cover is removed.

    HH, Jan 2, 2005
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