Upgrading KA7 600MZ Athon to 1GHZ Tbird is it possible?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by J Poy, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. J Poy

    J Poy Guest

    I have a KA7 mb with a 600 MHZ CPU with a slot A and I would like to upgrade
    to a 1 GHZ Tbird CPU.

    Has anyone done this successfully with an Abit KA7 MB? If it can be done,
    any tips on how to do it?

    Is a socket 370 the same thing as a socket A?

    I did some research on the internet regarding converters, that is adaptors
    ("Slotket") going from Slot A to socket A. Is there a special one for abit
    KA7 MB?

    I know I will need one of these for sure does anyone no where I can get one?

    Sure would be nice if I can get the old MB running at 1GHZ.

    Any a help would be appreciated!

    J Poy, Mar 7, 2005
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  2. J Poy

    Wes Newell Guest

    Don't waste your time. It won't be worth it. If you want a little more
    speed out of your current system just overclock the CPU you have, but I
    wouldn't even mess with that.
    Never bought a Slot A. I waited for socket A simply because I knew slot A
    was going to die an early death. But yes, they even sold 1GHz Slot A CPU's
    and you can still buy them if you're fool enough. Found one on pricewatch
    for $145. They did have a 900MHz for $37.
    If I did, I wouldn't tell you. It's a waste of money.
    Why, when you could just change the MB and CPU and sell your old one on

    Here's an artical on overclocking a slot A cpu if you just have to do it.
    Sounds like a waste of time to me.

    Wes Newell, Mar 7, 2005
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  3. J Poy

    Pagan Guest

    It sounds like a big jump, but chances are you aren't going to notice much
    improvement with the higher speed CPU, especially if you don't have your RAM
    and such maxed out.

    Also, there were quite a few problems with the KA7. That board really
    didn't care much for the Thunderbird. I heard of a few folks getting it to
    work, but the time and energy spent trying different CPU's was enormous, and
    remember back then you could just pick one off a store shelf.

    The capacitors also had a tendancy to blow up, although Abit fixed a lot of
    those, and if you had one of these they probably would have popped by now.

    Running regular CPU's, and putting aside the exploding parts, these boards
    are pretty nice. I had the KA7-Raid and a 900mhz CPU, and it served me very
    well. It did have issues with Soundblaster Live and certain CD drives, but
    I got my money's worth out of it.

    Anyway, for about $200, you can upgrade your motherboard, CPU, and RAM to
    something much faster and more reliable. A Socket "A" with an Athlon XP can
    be had for less than $100, and another $100 or so for 512mb of RAM. Of
    course, if you go hunting for a sale, you can almost cut all that in half.

    Or, you can use this as an excuse to buy or build a new computer, and let
    the kids or visitors use the old one, so they don't mess up your setting and
    whatnot. If you indulge in music downloading, you can use this box to run
    the software for it, letting all the little spyware, adware, and BSware do
    it's worst without affecting your access to a useable computer. I'm sure
    other folks here have better ideas.

    I really hate to say this, but the trouble and cost of upgrading your
    motherboard is likely to be much less than upgrading the whole MB/CPU/RAM
    setup. Not only that, but this will give you a chance to clean all the
    nooks and crannys in your case and cards.

    Pagan, Mar 7, 2005
  4. J Poy

    jpoy Guest

    Already did that I got it up to 700 MHZ before it quit and back it down to
    650 MHZ, no real noticeable speed gain. If I fine it is to difficult or
    costly I guess I will just leave it.

    Let me clarify myself I have an extra 1 GHZ Tbird that took out of my KT7A
    raid MB after upgrading with XP2500 +M. The CPU it is basically a freebee
    :) I am running it on a KA7 MB with windows 98SE OS on it now and I am
    happy to say it is running very smoothly. This was just a extra computer
    that I was going to donate mentally challange group for children in our
    area, the kids are just learning how to use a computers and I know many like
    to play video games. As you know video games are very demanding and higher
    the processors speed the better.
    Lets say if is possible to adapt the 1GHZ Tbird to the KA7 slot A MB I would
    try it but I would not spend alot money to upgrade the CPU speed. I have
    seen several different adaptors for sale on ebay ranging from $2.95 to
    $10.00. Even better maybe someone with an old adapter they no longer need
    might donate one to me, assuming there such a beast.
    Thanks for your comments I will check it out :)
    jpoy, Mar 8, 2005
  5. J Poy

    jpoy Guest

    Yes your right I only have 128 meg. RAM and I am trying to get more, for
    Yes indeed it would be a real challenge to do it. I have a Socket A type1
    GHZ Tbird which I previously unlocked, if I could put it into a KA7 MB which
    as you know has a Slot A. Well who knows what speed I could OC CPU to.
    Doubling the speed of the 600MHZ CPU would be worth it, assuming the KA7 MB,
    RAM and all the other components could handle it.
    I was just wondering if someone had done it or not. My gut feeling is the
    same as yours lots of time effort would be needed.
    I replaced 5 capacitors in the MB the other day, lucky I had a extra 450watt
    power supply I found the KA7 MB and AMD 600 MHZ CPU really eats up the
    power. Finally got running smoothly no bootup problems or lockouts anymore.
    LOL :)

    Pop! goes the wezel or maybe.... Please note this MB will Self Distruct in
    ..... minutes!

    I had the KA7-Raid and a 900mhz CPU, and it served me very
    Tell me about it :-( I had to load different drivers for the soundcard,
    (Vortex AU8830 Windows 9x driver) CD and USB to get the OS running without
    IRQ conflicts. Believe or not the the Abit KA7 4 in one drivers caused all
    kinds of problems, maybe I needed to upgrade the BIOS. Windows Plug and Play
    OS and old day technology crossing over into the days of DOS OS also caused
    me lots of headaches :-(
    I know your right, but this is a extra computer I am donating and I wanted
    to get running at its highest possible speed without spending alot of money.
    I guess I trying to get something for nothing :)

    Thanks for sharing some of your interesting experiences you had with your
    KA7 MB. All I can say it has taken me for a ride as well and I feel lucky so
    far I got the computer up and running.
    jpoy, Mar 8, 2005
  6. J Poy

    Wes Newell Guest

    Ok, I understand now. I think you'd be much better off just buying an
    older cheap socket A MB for it..You can probably pick one up for under
    $20. Everything I read abput the slotket for slota said there were
    problems and i don't know if it was ever released. Of course AMD sold slot
    A cpu's with tbird cores, but wheter are not it used a socket a on it or
    not I don't know. I'd say forget the adapter.
    Wes Newell, Mar 8, 2005
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