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Discussion in 'Embedded' started by prasanthi sphere, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    We are looking for PL/SQL resources for one of our client. The details
    are given below.

    Location : San Francisco, CA
    Duration : 1 Year

    • Direct Client Requirement

    Senior database developer needed
    Skills needed

    1. 7-10 years of Database development on Oracle PL/SQL
    2. SQL, report writing
    3. Experience developing reports against OLTP database using business
    objects or Tableau
    4. Some experience working with Java developers
    5. PL/SQL and SQL performance tuning
    6. Experience with Open source database like MYSQL is nice to have
    7. Experience with ETL (Talend is desired)

    Please send your resumes to
    prasanthi sphere, Jul 15, 2011
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  2. prasanthi sphere

    Don Y Guest

    Yes, and C.A.E is the *perfect* place to go trolling for such people!
    You might also try alt.boatbuilding and comp.acronyms.three-letter.

    [You could also consider advertising at your neighborhood grocery store.
    I don't think they charge ANYTHING for you to thumbtack a postcard
    with the job description up on the bulletin board by the customer
    service counter -- but, be sure to check back often to make sure
    someone hasn't tacked a "Roommate Wanted" ad OVER yours!!]

    I wonder if your client businesses think about the quality of
    candidates to which you are likely to expose them given your
    lack of understanding of the job description(s) and the places
    you go searching for them?

    ["Hmmm... maybe we had better find a better search firm that
    *knows* where to find people with the qualifications we need!
    It looks like these candidates responded to an ad placed at
    the Piggly-Wiggly[1] down the street"]

    [1] A grocery chain with an amusing name and mascot/logo
    befitting this rant :>
    Don Y, Jul 15, 2011
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