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Urgent openings for Embedded software-DSP(1-2 yrs exp) ONLY FOR IITians,MIT-Mani

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Smita, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Smita

    Smita Guest

    Kindly post this message in your group so that candidates
    can send their profiles.

    Anveshan Telecom Recruitment

    Discover the new wave in communication:
    Anveshan Telecom is a total telecom solution initiative from a group of
    renowned Indian strategists who are the path breakers in the global
    telecommunication and information technology business. Anveshan Telecom
    is now building a team of great achievers. If you are looking for a
    place where you can enjoy thinking, innovating and creating, and be an
    integral part of a revolutionary product throughout its life cycle,
    it's the right place for you. And, if you are confident to take the
    challenge only Anveshan can bring, you are the right person for us.

    We are looking for very talented Embedded Software and DSP
    professionals (6 month-2 yrs exp) who have worked on the below skill
    Embedded Software:

    1) Device drivers, VxWorks, Real time Linux, Hardhat Montavista, Lineo,
    RTLinux, RTOS, BSP, Ethernet, T1/E1/DS1, ATM, Utopia, C, C++, RTP,
    TCPIP, SNMP, SIP, Datacom, Telecom, fast data path, control path,
    Micro engines, FOIP, T.38,

    2)Domain knowledge
    of:Layer 2 switching, 802.3, 802.1p, 802.1q, QinQ, VLAN, Ethernet
    frames, ATM, UTOPIA, LLC and VCMux Encapsulation methods, PPP,GFP and
    LAPS frames.

    3) Strong knowledge in Telecom Domain.
    4)Academics: BTech- CSE/ECE (IIT,MIT-Manipal,REC's,BITS Pilani)with
    CGPA >8.5
    MTech-ECE with CGPA>9

    II-DSP professionals
    1) Strong knowledge in Telecom Domain.
    2)Academics: BTech- CSE/ECE (IIT,MIT-Manipal,REC's,BITS Pilani)with
    CGPA >8.5
    MTech-ECE with CGPA>9
    3)Work experience in DSP - G.168, G.729 A/B/E/F/G, G.723.1, GSM -
    EFR, FR, HR, NB-AMR, WB-AMR, CDMA, WCDMA, Fax, T.38, T.34, T.30, V.17,
    V.21, Starcore

    Candidates matching the above rush your cv's to
    Smita, Mar 17, 2006
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