USB 2.0 pci card for 503+?

Discussion in 'FIC' started by Carbon, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Carbon

    Carbon Guest

    I just got my wife a digital camera, and I want to get usb 2.0 working on
    her 503+ running w2k. I've just been looking at and there are
    dozens of cheap usb cards starting at $8 or so. Is it safe to just order
    one of them or should I spring for one of the more expensive ones?
    Carbon, Nov 26, 2004
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  2. Carbon

    tonys Guest

    I have never been able to get a USB 2.0 pci card to work in my 503+

    Hope someone chimes in with better luck....I thought about using a USB 1.0
    card but have never got around to it...

    tonys, Nov 26, 2004
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  3. Carbon

    Robert Akins Guest

    My 503+ is sitting in the garage right now with a USB 2.0 PCI card in it, it
    worked OK right up until I retired the machine. The card I used had an NEC
    chipset on it, at the time many of the USB cards had VIA or SIS chipsets and
    they weren't as compatible with the 503+ I guess. HTH
    Robert Akins, Nov 27, 2004
  4. Only one USB 2.0 card wouldn't work in my VA-503+. It was based on
    the VIA VT6202 chip and would cause the mobo to look dead until
    removed. Oddly, this card worked fine in an FIC PA-2007 mobo, which
    is sort of the predecessor to the VA-503+ and usually has the same
    south bridge. OTOH a card based on a newer VIA USB 2.0 chip, the
    VT6212, was no problem for the VA-503+, and said that
    it was quite a bit faster than the VT6202.

    Try to get a card with an NEC USB 2.0 chip because others aren't
    always compatible with all hardware, or the software may not install
    right -- see and If you can't
    read the brand because a sticker covers it, look for a square chip
    almost 1" across and with 160 pins around it. The worst USB 2.0 cards
    may be those with the ALi USB chip, which is about 1/2" square with 64
    pins. AFAIK it's also the only one without Win98 drivers, only
    Win98SE and later ones. VIA USB chips are oblong with 128 pins, and
    if a VIA card has only one notch cut into its edge connector, the chip
    is probably the VT6202 chip, while two notches indicates a VT6212.
    Belkin, Maxtor, and Adaptec cards use NEC USB 2.0 chips, but so do
    some of the cheap generics advertised at
    Unfortunately dealers may advertise NEC cards but ship something else,
    a case being Alpha International Business,, which sent
    me a VIA VT6212 card in a box with a drawing of an NEC card on it and
    a sticker that said "VIA". The card was only $7.50, delivered, and
    works fine, but false advertising is false advertising, and AIB hasn't
    corrected its PriceWatch listing or website in over two months.
    larrymoencurly, Dec 3, 2004
  5. Carbon

    Carbon Guest

    Sadly I just went ahead and newegged a new 4-port USB 2 card before any of
    the replies showed up. It's a Zonet SUH2205V, and naturally it has some
    sort of VIA chip on it. I'm not sure which one but it works great so far.
    w2k installed its own drivers for it and I had no problem importing
    pictures off the digital camera. I guess I just got lucky.
    Carbon, Dec 8, 2004
  6. Carbon

    Robert Akins Guest

    Glad you got one that works. Maybe they corrected the problems in a newer
    version of the chipset.
    Robert Akins, Dec 11, 2004
  7. Carbon

    Joel Mosher Guest

    I use a Belkin USB 2.0 card in my 503's with no problem.
    Joel Mosher, Dec 24, 2004
  8. Carbon

    Tornad01 Guest

    Will it work with plain Windows 98 (NON SE) - or is SE required as a


    Tornad01, Dec 30, 2004
  9. Carbon

    Robert Akins Guest

    I don't think it has to be 98SE, original Windows 98 will work too. The USB
    2.0 driver requires at least some version of 98.
    Robert Akins, Dec 31, 2004
  10. Carbon

    Brad Clarke Guest

    According to the driver download section on the Belkin site, it lists
    only Win98 SE

    The specification shown in the User Manual

    • OHCI compliant (USB 1.1 Host Controller)
    • EHCI compliant (USB 2.0 Host Controller)
    • PCI revison 2.1 compliant
    • Current: 500mA per port
    • USB revision 2.0 compliant
    • Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP compatible
    Brad Clarke, Dec 31, 2004
  11. Carbon

    Joel Mosher Guest

    I've never tried it with anything but XP. I use the Belkin f5u219 and
    f5u220 cards. The instructions say they work with Win98 SE and up.
    Look on the for detainls.
    Joel Mosher, Jan 2, 2005
  12. Carbon

    Brad Clarke Guest

    All of the NEC based USB 2.0 cards I have come across are all PCI 2.2

    Does anyone know if a PCI 2.2 card will work in the VA-503+?
    Brad Clarke, Jan 3, 2005
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