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USB ports Acer Aspire 1680

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by BluesCat, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. BluesCat

    BluesCat Guest

    My 3 USB 2.0 ports suddenly stopped recognizing any USB hardware (all my
    USB hardware are ok, tried them succesfully on my desktop).

    ACER support suggested reinstalling everything with their recovery disk.
    Done that, no change! I wrote to them again, been expecting an answer
    for about a week now.

    The USB hardware still gets power from the ports, this makes me hope
    it's a software (drivers) not an hardware prob. Strange. All drivers ok
    in the USB in the control panel system device manager. Any idea?
    BluesCat, Nov 28, 2005
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  2. BluesCat

    James T. Guest

    A few things to check:

    1 - check to see if the USB ports appear in your Windows hardware manager
    section. This would give you a clue weather it's your OS or the hardware.

    2 - check your laptop's BIOS configuration. Did you somehow turn off the
    USB ports in in there. If so, you would not be able to use them.

    3 - lastly if all else fails, see if there is a newer BIOS for your
    laptop you can upgrade to. If so, you may want to consider upgrading, as
    it may fix your USB issues.

    It just seams funny that your USB ports get power, but cannot be found.
    This would typically point to something which turned off the USB ports or
    the OS is not detecting the USB ports correctly.

    Hope this helps...
    James T., Nov 28, 2005
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  3. BluesCat

    BluesCat Guest

    Thanks for your answer.
    Point1: hardware manager,first thing I did.Everything ok.
    Point 2: Checked that too, but no mention of USB ports anywhere in the
    BIOS. Strange.
    Point 3: Will try to upgrade the BIOS. Will let you know.

    Thank you for your answer again
    BluesCat, Nov 29, 2005
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