Use HDD from AMD Proc Motherboard in Intel Proc Motherboard

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Sekhar, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. Sekhar

    Sekhar Guest

    I was tring to use my HDD from my HP AMD machine on a Emachine INTEL
    Proc as boot disk.

    For some reason, the HDD cannot be recogonized on my Intel Proc's
    motherboard. When I plug in the same in the AMD Proc Motherboard, it
    works great.

    I know most of the devices would need to be reinstalled by doing this
    due to a diffrent chipset. But didn't know that HDD itself would not
    be recogonized.

    Could someone explain why this could happen?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sekhar, Aug 15, 2004
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  2. Sekhar

    Paul Guest

    Have you checked the jumpers on the drive Master/Slave/Cable_Select ?
    Does the Emachine have a limit on the size of disk it can take ?

    Try a search on the two terms - Emachine disk - in Google. Some
    disks have a "limit jumper". When the limit or clipping jumper
    is installed, it limits the size of the disk to 32GB. (You may need
    to find an extra jumper to do this.) Maybe that will allow the disk
    to be seen by the BIOS. If that works, you won't be booting from it,
    unless the disk was prepared with the limit jumper inserted in the
    first place. Clipping off a portion of the disk would change the
    integrity of the file system, so using the limit jumper is solely
    for the purpose of seeing if the disk can be detected - don't try
    booting from it in that state. Just check in the BIOS to see if
    the disk can be seen.$0$43018$

    If that works, remove the limit jumper, put it back on the HP, back
    up any useful info. Install the limit jumper, reformat the disk on
    the HP, install Windows on the disk, then take it back to the
    Emachine. It is only worth doing, if the limit jumper test in the
    second paragraph above works.

    As it is an Emachine, anything is possible.

    Paul, Aug 15, 2004
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