Using a SuperMicro X11SCL-IF stuck in the MRC execution

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by helmschm, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. helmschm


    Aug 28, 2021
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    at boot time my home server hangs in the "PEI Intel MRC Execution".
    Board: SuperMicro X11SCL-IF

    Question 1: USB mouse and USB keyboard do not seem to be powered at this time, no matter which USB port is used.
    (LED of the mouse is off, LEDs of the keyboard are off).
    - Is this normal or when will the USB interfaces be powered?

    I have two 8GB memory bars KSM26ES8/8HD, 8GB 1Rx8 1G x 72-bit PC4-266, CL19 288-pin DIMM installed.
    The propsal to build a server suggested KSM26ES8/8ME.
    "HD" and "ME" seem to differs only in "Hynix D-Die" and "Micron E-Die".
    - Could this difference be the cause why the server seems to hang in MRC Execution?
    - How long does the MRC Execution normally take (on the first boot)?

    I also tried to populate the server with only one bar in DIMM-B each. Unfortunately this did not change the result.

    Any other tips, ideas to solve this problem?
    helmschm, Aug 28, 2021
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