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v1280 vs SF4800

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Mike Wombat, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Mike Wombat

    Mike Wombat Guest

    We are considering what servers are the best in terms of value/price
    for our High-Availability environment for Oracle8i/9i. We have
    narrowed our choice to SF v1280 and SF 4800. We will use Veritas
    cluster 3.5 and the storage subsystem will be HP EVA 2C6D or EMC
    Clariion CX600.

    Our primary requirement is availability of the server. SUN gives the
    following hint on v1280 versus SF 4800:

    "Under what circumstances should I consider a Sun Fire 4800 server,
    instead of a Sun Fire V1280 server?

    You might consider purchasing the Sun Fire 4800 server instead of the
    Sun Fire V1280 if you need to support:

    Mission-critical applications that require full hardware redundancy
    for the highest level of RAS
    More than one domain
    Some of the fastest CPUs available today
    More than 6 open PCI slots or more than one open 66 MHz slot
    Hot-swap PCI capability
    Dynamic Reconfiguration for I/O
    Higher total I/O bandwidth
    Capacity On Demand (COD)"

    I will appreciate any comments on v1280 and SF4800 and sharing
    experience on these servers.

    Mike Wombat, Jul 1, 2003
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  2. The real difference between the V1280 and SF4800 is that
    the SF4800 has redundant I/O paths with its DUAL PCI-card Bays.
    the V1280 has only one PCI BAY.

    Now in order to make the SF4800 more redundant than the
    V1280 you would need to build it to have "TWO" of everything.

    2 CPU/MEM boards ( or three )
    2 Fireplane switches
    2 systemcontrollers
    2 multipathed I/O paths to every critical storage device.
    ( Dual PCI cards, one in each PCI card bay)

    2 multipathed Ethernet ports ( at least )
    ( Dual PCI cards, one in each PCI card bay)


    You can do this with the 4800 but not with the V1280.

    This means that the 4800 is redundant without a cluster.

    However for disaster protection ( fire, earthquake.. ) a
    cluster with enough miles between the sites is nessessary.
    Lars Tunkrans, Jul 1, 2003
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  3. The best value/price/availability/performance of the whole environment
    would be accomplished by using a tested and proven environment supported by

    With this I mean Sun Cluster 3.1 together with SE3510 FC storage.
    Cheaper, better performance and better availability together with
    Oracle and Oracle RAC.

    Why mess with Veritas Cluster and weird storage arrays, using obsolete
    device drivers, makes you pay extra for load balancing/path failover,
    when Sun has done the testing and proving for you!?

    Then again, a pair of 4800's would provide both better perfomance and
    availability to a pair 1280, at a higher cost.

    Fredrik Lundholm, Jul 1, 2003
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