VA-503+ Spontaneous Rebooting

Discussion in 'FIC' started by RWL, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. RWL

    RWL Guest

    The system has been stable for 2-3 years. It just began spontaneously
    rebooting. Initially it was one or two times during the boot
    sequence. After the system had warmed up it seemed ok. Now it
    occasionally reboots while running - it did while writing this post
    the first time.

    Win XP
    128 Mb RAM
    Enlight case with AT power supply
    BIOS JP4329 - what's needed to run this board with an AT power supply
    System is connected to a TrippLite surge suppressor.

    The first reboot typically occurs after the line
    "Verifying DMI data pool"

    If it makes it past that, a second spot for reboot is after the
    initial Win XP screen.

    A third spot some times is when the light blue screen appears telling
    me that the system crashed and it will check the drive integrity
    before proceeding.

    Once the system is warmed up and makes it past the boot, it usually
    runs for awhile, but eventually reboots.

    I have tried the follwing without success:

    1) Reloaded the operating system from a known good Ghost image

    2) Reseated the RAM

    3) Tried a different stick of RAM

    4) Reflashed the BIOS

    If booted from a floppy into DOS, it doesn't reboot

    Other less objective observations:
    It might be rebooting a little less after I tried and removed the
    spare stick of RAM, but it still reboots.

    A 2 year old Sony CD-ROM drive stopped reading inserted disks about 2
    weeks ago. I disconnected it from the IDE cable the power supply
    without effect.

    My Sony CD-RW drive might be taking a little longer to spin up and
    read inserted disks - but this might just be paranoia since other
    things have gone wrong.

    When I booted from the floppy to reload the drive image, Ghost seemed
    to come up more slowly than I remembered - but again that could be

    Anybody had a similar problem. Any thoughts?


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    RWL, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. RWL

    RWL Guest

    I haven't tried any of the above yet, but I've wondered about the
    power supply because my 2 year old Sony CD-ROM died and I didn't use
    it very hard. The CD-RW is also failing to read disks promplty and
    that's how the other one died. Maybe I should try swapping out the PS
    first; I think I have a spare downstairs in the parts box.

    Thanks for the additional suggestions.


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    RWL, Jul 26, 2003
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  3. RWL

    Den Guest

    Was that the 4 chip PC133 as the 8 chip PC133 work fine, as guided
    by this NG and note our local PC component store now charges a little
    bit extra for these.
    Like the OP no problems for several years then nothing would install,
    and a erratic failure at that. Though no trouble since swapping the 4 chip
    for the 8 chip PC133.

    Den, Jul 27, 2003
  4. RWL

    RWL Guest

    Since XP was released - about a year?
    No. It's PC100. A 64 Mb stick of Compaq 66 Mhz RAM also didn't fix
    the problem.
    I ran Memtest86 v3.0 today for about 5-6 hours - about 22 repetitions
    and found no errors.

    I also tried replacing the power supply - didn't fix the problem.

    I got a reply from FIC tech support, which unfortunately got lost
    during one of the reboots, so I can't quote the entire message. One
    of the things it said was that the board doesn't support Win XP. Duh
    - wonder why the system worked for almost a year with XP.


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    RWL, Jul 28, 2003
  5. RWL

    RWL Guest

    22 Passes - no errors

    Standard good advice, but that didn't fix it either.
    Tried a spare AT power supply. That didn't fix it either.

    FIC tech support sent me email saying the board doesn't support Win XP
    even though I've run XP since shortly after it was released. Go
    figure. I installed Win 98 from an old image file - no more
    spontaneous reboot problems. I'd love to know what happened and
    whether it could be corrected. Since I can't get back to Win XP with
    the current setup, it looks like it's time to shop for a new system.


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    RWL, Jul 28, 2003
  6. RWL

    reader Guest

    It was a 9-chip (ecc) stick.
    reader, Jul 28, 2003
  7. RWL

    reader Guest

    I am sorry, I misremembered. The pc133 problem I had was related to
    hangs during Win2k install.

    I don't know if the VA-503+ supports WinXP or not, but Win2k/SP4 runs
    perfectly on my VA-503+ 1.2a AFAICT.

    What it doesn't support is an AT p/s.

    You might want to read




    reader, Jul 28, 2003
  8. RWL

    Robert Akins Guest

    The only issue that I can recall that's been discovered between XP and the
    503+ is an issue with the BIOS and ACPI. XP doesn't like something about
    the way the BIOS manages system resources, because it thinks it should be
    the only entity doing that. We had an entire thread on this problem about 7
    months ago; you can go to Google and search this newsgroup for 503+ XP ACPI.
    There was a MS KB article referenced:;en-us;283649
    This may not help you at all, but it stands to reason that there could be
    other issues crop up after extended use of XP.
    Robert Akins, Jul 28, 2003
  9. RWL

    John Guest

    using XP on my 503A just fine, slightly different board though
    John, Aug 2, 2003
  10. RWL

    dirtyangus Guest

    It's not the board doesn't support XP, it would more like XP doesn't
    support the board. XP will run fine on it.
    Maybe tech support was referring to an AMD Athlon XP cpu.
    It certainly doesn't support it.
    dirtyangus, Oct 3, 2003
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