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Value Graphics Card that can support Two monitors. .

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Wayne Youngman, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Hi ATI crew,

    a friend who is a graphic designer has asked me to price up a new system for
    her (AMD) but has specified that she would like to run two monitors (Dual
    Display). She already has one 17" CRT unit but would like to add an
    additional TFT (DVI?).

    I am a recent FanBoy of ATI since I bought a Sapphire Atlantis 9800.
    However there isn't a heap of cash in the budget for a top end card, and to
    be fair there won't be a big use of 3D graphics. Mainly Web Surfing, Email,
    Photoshop, Illustrator. . . .mainly 2D.

    Can you recommend a sub £100 ATI card that has crisp 2D graphics and can
    drive 2 monitors (one CRT and one TFT). I am sorta thinking a 9600. . .
    ..but am open to suggestions?

    Many thanks
    Wayne ][

    Barton (AQXEA) XP2500+ @ 2.2GHz (10x220) - 1.775vCore
    CoolerMaster Aero 7 Lite - 3,200rpm
    ABIT NF7-S (v2.0 - BIOS#14)
    512MB Dual TwiSTER PC3500 @ DDR440 1:1 (9,3,3,2.0 - 2.7v)
    Sapphire Atlantis 9800 - 3.3ns Samsung (325/290 Default)
    240GB (2x120GB) WD-SE SATA RAID-0 (NTFS - 16k Stripe)
    Antec SX630II Mini-Tower Case Inc 300w PSU
    2 x CoolerMaster 80mm Blue Neon Fans
    Cat 3.7 - DX9.0b
    Wayne Youngman, Dec 16, 2003
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  2. Wayne Youngman

    Kent_Diego Guest

    a friend who is a graphic designer has asked me to price up a new system
    The 9000 is a good choice ($45). The 8500 (non LE) is a great card at $61,
    was a $300 card two years ago. Look on http://PriceWatch.com.
    Kent_Diego, Dec 16, 2003
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