/var/log/windowserver.log not showing up in Console utility

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Jeff Wiseman, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Jeff Wiseman

    Drew D. Saur Guest

    This makes total sense; it's a group issue.

    Drew D. Saur, Mar 24, 2005
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  2. Jeff Wiseman

    Jeff Wiseman Guest

    Yes, it is messy, that is why I've assumed that Apple would
    basically leave account information alone. However, if the change
    the basic premise of their groups assignments with a new release,
    they should document it in an obvious place with the release notes.

    However, I ran the same find on those groups and there is nothing
    on my system that is assigned to them. It would seem that it
    might have been the start of something that was never completed.
    If that is the case, not having them assigned to your admin
    account probably won't make any difference.
    Jeff Wiseman, Mar 24, 2005
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  3. Jeff Wiseman

    Jeff Wiseman Guest

    As it turns out, it has nothing to do with the Console app's
    configuration. It's doing what it is supposed to do by not
    inserting the /var/log/windowserver.log into its logfiles list
    when the user running Console doesn't have proper file access
    priviledges to those logs.

    Apparently, the windowserver log file is not expected to be read
    by anyone except root or a member of the wheel group. Whatever
    application creates the file, that's howit sets it up. You could
    join the wheel group but then there are the risks associated with
    that (wheel seems to primarily be a systems group that is not
    typically needed my administrators, hence its separation from admin.
    Jeff Wiseman, Mar 24, 2005
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