Vendor imaging programs and the Dell Diagnostic partition

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Tom Scales, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    Sounds like a REALLY bad movie, doesn't it.


    My new machines are coming with 250Gb hard drives. I have a couple 80Gb
    Sata drives laying around.

    My thought was I would image the 250Gb onto the 80Gb. Make the 80Gb the
    boot drives. Format the 250Gb as Data drives.

    The question is (are?)

    Will all the partitions come over OK? Will I still have Dell Diagnostics?
    Will I still be able to press CTRL+F11 and restore to factory fresh?

    Seems like I would, but wanted to ask if anyone had ever done it.

    Tom Scales, Jan 5, 2007
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  2. i don't know what software utility that you might be thinking about using to
    clone the factory image of the 250gb drive to your 80gb one, but it is
    unlikely that it will copy the master boot record or either of the two the
    two hidden dell portions (recovery and utility). you can get this done if
    you are willing to do some work... this guy put together a great
    description of the issues and even has a master boot record save/restore
    Christopher Muto, Jan 5, 2007
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  3. 'portions' should re 'partitions'...

    Christopher Muto, Jan 5, 2007
  4. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    I was thinking about the utility that comes with a Seagate or Western
    Digital drive. They seem to make a pretty accurate clone. You can
    certainly boot from them once it is done (slick way to upgrade your hard

    I'll save these instructions, but give it a whirl. Worst case, I do a clean
    install. I'll upgrade them to Vista in a month anyway.

    Tom Scales, Jan 5, 2007
  5. Tom Scales

    Jay B Guest

    yes. i do this all the time.
    create each partition separately, dell diags first.
    you may have to resize the 250gb system drive down to less than 80 first
    to make sure it fits. then clone it and it will be fine.
    a few times the fiagnostics didnt hook right, just go to dell's support
    site, download the latest diag update and run it and it not only updates
    the diag program, but fixes any boot issues as well.
    i've 100% success in everything i've tried.

    do all of this from a 3rd party boot cd like part magic, or something.
    not from within windows! or booting from windows cd. it doesnt work right.
    Jay B, Jan 5, 2007
  6. Tom Scales

    Jim Guest

    Dell 8400 w/80gb & 160gb hdd.
    Using Ghost2003 I've cloned my "C" drive (160gb) to my "F" drive (80gb),
    numerous times
    It automatically copied all 3 partitions with no problem. Note that on my
    160gb drive I've only used about 40gb + the hidden partitions.
    Jim, Jan 5, 2007
  7. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    But did you then remove the 80gb and boot from the 160gb? That's what I
    need to be able to do.
    Tom Scales, Jan 5, 2007
  8. Tom Scales

    Jim Guest

    No, sorry, all I did was restore from the cloned "F" to The "C".
    I must not have read all the posts correctly. The point I was making was
    that just by cloning the drive, both of dells
    hidden partitions where copied.
    Jim, Jan 5, 2007
  9. Tom Scales

    Pat Conover Guest

    That sounds like a system restore clone, which might work too.
    Pat Conover, Jan 5, 2007
  10. Tom Scales

    Star Guest

    What Jay says about reducing the size of the 250G partition may or may
    not be true but when attempting to clone a 160G to a 120G using
    TrueImage 8 & 10 I got an error message saying it would not complete
    because of the smaller HDD. Was in a hurry doing a repair of a friends
    computer so didn't explorer the problem further. Had a spare 200G
    so used it for the clone and all the partitions came over correctly.
    Acronis has a trial version of MigrateEasy and TrueImage and would
    recommend you download either and use them to perform the task.
    The big difference between the two is the MigrateEasy is strictly for
    clone purposes where the TrueImage does the clone and also image
    files and backup both Incremental and Differential backups.
    Star, Jan 6, 2007
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