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very slow system

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Martyn Gwynne, May 9, 2004.

  1. I have a 3-year old P4 1.5 GHz with 256 RAM. I have Windows XP with 3
    users. I have defragmented the disk (which is not very full) and have
    updated virus checker program (Norton). Recently the machine has
    slowed down almost to a standstill, particularly after a user has been
    on for a while then we switch to a new user. problem is partly
    alleviated by turning off the system and turing on again.

    Any suggestions?
    Martyn Gwynne, May 9, 2004
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  2. Martyn Gwynne

    Jim Guest

    Try running a program like adaware form www.lavasoftusa.com to clean
    up all the hidden ad software running.
    Jim, May 10, 2004
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  3. Martyn Gwynne

    Aaron Guest

    Adware. Get an adware remover. They are top downloads at
    download.com and other download sites. They should all be effective,
    if adware or spyware is your problem. Have also heard of some issues
    with Norton screwing computers up; also make sure that you have the
    latest Windows update (one of them a while ago was horrible for
    slowing things down, I guess).

    If you don't log off users but instead just switch between them,
    remember that all the applications in everyone's desktop are still
    running. That could cause problems.

    Aaron, May 10, 2004
  4. Martyn Gwynne

    megabyte800 Guest

    Good first step by defragging hard drive (what capacity and RPM,
    BTW?). I think the immediate thing you should do is perform disk
    cleanup, if you haven't already, to clean out all the little
    unnecessaries that slow down your system.
    The fact that rebooting seems to help tells me that this is likely
    a memory issue. Windows XP can eat up memory real fast, so I would
    recommend upgrading by about 512 MB. You can find 512 MB of RAM for
    around $100 if you shop around a bit.
    To get more out of the memory that you have now, make sure that
    there are no extraneous processes running in the background. You can
    do this by looking in your system tray (the icons next to the time in
    the lower right hand corner of screen), and closing anything you
    didn't put there or don't need. Also, check the actual process list by
    hitting control+alt+delete and clicking on the "processes" tab. Just
    don't kill anything that says SYSTEM next to it ;-)
    Hope this helps.
    megabyte800, May 10, 2004
  5. Martyn Gwynne

    sceptre Guest

    you can try to optimize your system, for instance, shut down some
    uncessary services, and check your system's processes. There are many
    thing you can do.
    sceptre, May 10, 2004
  6. Martyn Gwynne

    SamZee Guest

    For everyone that has posted about this question, I think you are ALL
    right. All I can do now is it re-inforce their posts. I highly
    Suggest you Get Ad-Aware 6... GREAT Program. But you MUST Update it
    everytime you scan. And that goes for every program. I assume you
    update every scanning program before you use it. That is a no brainer.
    Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search And Destroy, Both REALLY good programs.
    Another One I would highly reccomend is Spy Sweeper. Although you are
    unable to update it, it is still really good, it comes with I think
    21,000 Definitions of Spyware Adware Trojans and crap like that. This
    Program is good for finding Remnants... if you will, Remnants of
    spyware that wasnt FULLY deleted. A Downside of it, is that it takes
    a while to scan but O WELL. ALSO, I strongly urge you to Press
    Control+Shift+Esc ..... To see what processes are running in the
    backround. There will obviously be alot, but you must be careful and
    know what processes to end, and know which ones are NEEDED. There are
    alot in there that are needed for windows to function properly, such
    as Kernell32 ... EXTREMELY VITAL PROCESS Needed. It Organizes and
    manages your Physical RAM.... Pagefiling and all that fun stuff.
    Dont worry if you end a process that is vital, you can just restart
    and it will come again. If There is A Viral Problem or
    Ad-ware/Spyware Problem that always starts on Windows Start-up, then
    Click Start/Run and in the Dialog box, type RegEdit. Press enter.
    Then Browse to the Key
    It is in the RUN folder, where registry keys are added so that a
    certain process/program will execute on windows start up.

    Hope this helped!

    SamZee, May 11, 2004
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