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VESA VBE MODE LIST 2048X1536X32 or 2048x1536x24 video mode

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by JAMSYNC, Jul 7, 2006.


    JAMSYNC Guest


    I am looking for a video card that supports 2048x1536x24 or
    2048x1536x32 in the VESA VBE2.0 to VBE3.0 modes (paged video).

    Could you please check the VESA mode list on your video board with a
    VESA INFO program and e-mail me the list of modes supported, or just
    tell me if 2048x1536x24 or 2048x1536x32 shows up in the VESA modes

    I am using a DOS program that needs VESA VBE support for the video
    modes, and need to use 2048X1536 at 24bpp or 32bpp video resolution.

    Boards that support 2048x1536 under Windows may not support the VESA
    VBE modes, so you need to check the board itself with a VESA INFO
    program to see what modes are listed for the BIOS in that video board.

    Please reply with any information you have about a video board that
    supports this VESA mode. Also send an e-mail to tempnulbox (at) yahoo
    (dot) com, thank you!
    JAMSYNC, Jul 7, 2006
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  2. If this helps you:

    Geforce 7800 GS (AGP, G70)

    Mod.|XRes.|YRes.|BpP|Memory model |LFB?|PageSwtch
    0100| 640| 400| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0101| 640| 480| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0102| 800| 600| 4|EGA-16 colors |no |C000:A06D
    0103| 800| 600| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0104| 1024| 768| 4|EGA-16 colors |no |C000:A06D
    0105| 1024| 768| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0106| 1280| 1024| 4|EGA-16 colors |no |C000:A06D
    0107| 1280| 1024| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    010E| 320| 200| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    010F| 320| 200| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0111| 640| 480| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0112| 640| 480| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0114| 800| 600| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0115| 800| 600| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0117| 1024| 768| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0118| 1024| 768| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    011A| 1280| 1024| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    011B| 1280| 1024| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0130| 320| 200| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0131| 320| 400| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0132| 320| 400| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0133| 320| 400| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0134| 320| 240| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0135| 320| 240| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0136| 320| 240| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    013D| 640| 400| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    013E| 640| 400| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0145| 1600| 1200| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0146| 1600| 1200| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0147| 1400| 1050| 8|VGA-256 colors |yes |C000:A06D
    0148| 1400| 1050| 16|unknown |yes |C000:A06D
    0152| 2048| 1536| 32|unknown |yes |C000:A06D

    Alexander Freudenberg, Jul 8, 2006
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    tempnulbox Guest

    Thanks to Alexander for taking the time to find the VBE modes on his
    video card.

    I have since checked a GeForce 6200 and found that is seems to support
    2048x1536x32 in Linear memory mode but Banked memory mode seems to need
    more investigation. I am still looking for a video board that supports
    2048x1536x32 using the VESA BIOS VBE1.2 Banked mode, if anyone knows of
    a video board that supports Banked memory mode at 2048x1536x32, please
    reply by post, and if you can e-mail me also at:

    tempnulbox (at) yahoo (dot) com

    since this matter is still very much of interest. Thanks again to
    Alexander and other members of groups or their help in this matter.

    Dan aka tempnulbox
    tempnulbox, Jul 28, 2006
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