VI7 - Any Experience, Comments?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Jim, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I've been looking for a budget Abit mobo for my P4 2.4B (533MHz) CPU, and
    ran across the Abit VI7 (VIA PT800) mobo yesterday on After
    reading a review of the PT800 chipset on HardOCP ( ), I became quite interested
    (their conclusions, based soley on reference boards) was that the PT800
    could keep pace w/ the 865/875 chipsets. There are a number of PT800 boards
    now available from Abit, PC Chips, Chaintech, Biostar, etc., but knowing
    Abit's penchant for OC and performance, and my NOT having a need for
    firewire, SATA, etc., at $70, this VI7 *seems* like the right board for me
    (I'd rather wait for Prescott, PCI Express, and the maturation of SATA
    before investing more heavily). Btw, PC Chips is selling one for a mere
    $50! But I can't find ANY reviews of the VI7, despite being released late
    this summer. One thing I'm looking for is the max CPU and DRAM voltages
    provided in the BIOS. After trying the manual, the Abit forum and other
    sources, I haven't been able to track down this information. I'd also like
    to know if I can "lock" the AGP and PCI buses.

    Anyway, my second option might be the AI7, which just now seems to be coming
    under review ( ), but seems
    like overkill for my needs, esp. w/ my P4 533MHz FSB. I'd simply like to
    get a budget board that allows me to OC the 533 to something *close* to
    800Mz. I even considered the much ballyhooed BH7, but that drops me back
    the 845PE chipset. I was hoping the VI7 would be comparable to the BH7 in
    target audience, but closer to the 865/875 chipsets in performance. I
    probably wouldn't have even considered the VI7, except for it's "bargain
    basement" price compared to the 865/875 boards AND encouraging chipset
    review over at HardOCP.

    Any comments welcome.

    Jim, Nov 20, 2003
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