Via IDE Miniport Driver hardware setup

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Edward Diener, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. I have an AT7 MB with an ATAPI ZIP 250 drive and a Toshiba DVD ROM drive off
    of the Via PCI IDE controller on the secondary channel. This MB has the Via
    686B/VT8233 Southbridge. I have had problems with my Zip drive hanging up or
    slowing down my Win2k system.

    Therefore I have installed the Via IDE Miniport Driver and the latest
    IOMegaware for the zip drive, since these are mentioned in FAQs as a
    solution to the Zip ATAPI problems. I am now reading differing hardware
    instructions between the Abit site and the Via site regarding the hardware
    setup of devices off of this secondary IDE channel once these drivers and
    software have been installed.

    From the Abit site at
    I read:

    1) "We suggest you set ZIP to floppy mode by setting jumper to MasterA and
    2) "We suggest you set IDE port which ZIP attached to PIO mode in BIOS (
    Zip-100 supports PIO mode 0 only )."

    From the Via site at I read:

    "IDE Zip drives under Win2k - install the driver and then set the Zip-drive
    to DMA disabled and PIO-mode 1 in BIOS. Open the IDE Tool provided with the
    Bus master Driver and set the Zip-drive to PIO-Mode 3."

    These seem to be two differing hardware instructions for the same potential

    I am no hardware guru but I can follow instructions if someone who has the
    same configuration knows what the correct procedure actually is once the
    Miniport driver and IOMegaWare is installed. I have not changed any default
    hardware settings yet. My jumpers for both the Zip and DVD-ROM drive are on
    CSEL. My BIOS setup for the IDE2 channel is whatever the default in the BIOS

    If anyone can help me out with the hardware side of setting this up to
    eliminate W2K Zip-Drive slowdowns and/or hangs with my system, I would
    appreciate the correct information on what I should do. I just need to know
    what the correct hardware setting is between the two described above. The
    issue of the Zip drive problem is well-documented on the Abit and Via sites
    but each having different hardware instructions for aolving the problem
    along with the same software instructions ( install the latest Miniport and
    Iomegaware software ) makes it difficult to know how to proceed
    hardware-wise. I am sure others who have the Via 686B/VT8233 Southbridge and
    a Zip drive have alos encountered the problem as I have.
    Edward Diener, Jul 11, 2003
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