Video Card and new PC

Discussion in 'IBM' started by John Seeliger, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. I posted a message about a computer I was building as a Christmas/Birthday
    present back in Nov in the motherboard area, IIRC. The system I ultimately
    got (and most purchase decisions were driven by price and rebates) was a
    K7S5A with Athlon XP 2000+, 256 MB SDRAM, Kaser AGP 2x, Best Data v.92
    modem, Inland Firewire, Pacific Digital 48x12x48 CD-RW, Maxtor 80GB (7200
    rpm, 8MB cache), Soyo BayOne AVI 6 in 1, Sony Floppy Drive, Windows XP and
    MS Works.

    I didn't get around to building the computer until a couple of weeks ago and
    it took several days. Had to go out to Fry's to get a grounding strap, was
    unsure about how to put the fan in, etc. When I finally got it all hooked
    up, it gave one long beep followed by 8 short beeps and then a couple of
    long beeps. Ultimately, I disconnected the drives and got the same results
    with just the modem and Firewire and k/b. Adjusting the video card, I
    finally got it to work and then reconnecting the drive cables, lost it for a
    while but finally got it working.

    I installed Windows and Works. Then, moving it to my house (because I built
    it at my mom's), it didn't work when I connected it again. Same problem.
    One time I got it to apparently work when I tried it w/o a monitor
    connected, but reconnecting it wouldn't work and subsequent attempts without
    the monitor didn't work either. I have opened it up twice and have tried
    disconnecting the drives. I have tried adjusting the video card, but to no
    avail. I don't want to keep removing/inserting the video card so as to
    damage the contacts. Also, once, this morning, the aligator clip on my
    wrist strap came loose and crashed into some resistors near the video card
    on the mobo. The mobo's guide mentions that the clip for the fan can
    scratch the resistors, damaging the mobo. I hope this didn't happen with
    the wrist strap.

    The video card does not appear to fit in as well as I would like it. The
    end with the face plate won't go all of the way down as it runs into the

    Any ideas?

    BTW, OT, but does anyone know how to set up a dialup account on ThizLinux on
    a GQ PC? I have one of these computers, w/o Windows and I don't know how to
    do it.

    John Seeliger, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. John Seeliger

    Racehorse Guest

    This is your problem. If the video card isn't seated fully, the
    computer won't boot up. If the face plate is too long, just take a
    hack saw or a dremel and trim the end off the plate until the video
    card will go down all the way and seat fully. The fact that it
    stopped working when you moved it and when you fiddled with the
    monitor connections makes it even more likely that it's not being
    completely plugged in.
    Racehorse, Jul 10, 2003
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  3. Thanks to all who helped on all the forums (Tom' Hardware, freetechhelp,
    24hoursupport, comp.sys.*, alt.comp.periph.mailboard.elitegroup,
    .. Basically, I had considered bending the plate myself, but was not sure.
    One person emailed me suggesting this (I think he has done this himself.)
    and a couple of others suggested bending the plate as well so I did it and
    it worked. Other ideas were trimming it, getting a hacksaw, jiggling it
    until I get it fit and buying a new card. Fortunately the bending worked.
    John Seeliger, Jul 13, 2003
  4. John Seeliger

    Shep© Guest

    Nice one :O)
    Shep©, Jul 13, 2003
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