Video Card not recognized after upgrade to XP

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by boxdan476, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. boxdan476

    boxdan476 Guest

    I recently upgraded a clients PC from Win 98 to XP Home. The PC was a
    Performance 550 and had a vision tech RIVA TNT-2 AGP card for display. I
    added some RAM to bring the system up to 384MB and then installed XP Home.
    Everything went OK except for the Video Card was not recognized and instead
    a driver service VGA Save installed. All my efforts to attempt install of an
    Nvidia driver or even the OEM Gateway video driver have failed, I tried
    resetting configuration in the BIOS, pulling out the card and putting back
    in, attempted to uninstall the VGA Save driver but it would not allow this.
    The display works but we are getting frequent freezes and reports of driver
    failure and frame buffer errors, etc.

    Any suggestions on how to get this card recognized, it is not that old (16
    MB) AGP. I have not tried clearing the CMOS with board jumpers yet. Where
    are the clear jumpers on the Gateway Mobos? Would installing a different
    card work or would I have the same issue? Any help would be welcome.
    boxdan476, Jan 15, 2004
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  2. boxdan476

    Ron Ferrell Guest

    Install a new video card and stop worrying about it.
    Ron Ferrell, Feb 2, 2004
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