Virtual PC 6.1 on MAC OS X 10.2 Virtual Switch Works & Performance is excellent - VPN works!

Discussion in 'Apple' started by esquivel_rene, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. System:

    Powermac 9600/300 - Sonnet Crescendo G4/450MHz/1MB
    448MB RAM
    Hard Disks: Internal 4GB & 18GB SCSI
    Mac OS X 10.2.5
    Network Cards: built-in 10Mbps, PCI 10/100Mbps
    Virtual PC 6.1 -> Windows NT 4.0, Win98, W2K

    I have been trying to get the virtual switch functionality to work in
    order to perform remote work over the internet via VPN. Using a shared
    ip-address does not work after the connection is established.

    After four months of on-again/off-again fighting this issue it is
    resolved. In my configuration I have two network interface cards. The
    10Mbps built-in had been previously disabled as it was not needed.

    Here's how I got the virtual switch to work:

    1. Used system perferennces->network to enable the built-in ethernet
    2. Virtual PC ->perferences to choose the built-in ethernet for use in
    virtual switch mode.
    3. Configured windows networking to use static ip-address (in my case
    it is - the OSX uses the pci NIC at
    3. Edit->Setting->Networking set to "virtual switch"
    4. Rebooted machine
    5. From OSX, configured built-in ethernet to use

    This worked and the networking was fine. I then used Cisco VPN client
    to connect over the internet and it worked perfectly!

    Caveats: Upon system startup the default gateway was set on the
    built-in ethernet. I haven't been able to figure out how to direct it
    to the pci ethernet. My work-around is to have no ip-address
    configured for the built-in ehternet by default. A start-up script
    then configures it for by which time the default gateway
    is pointing to the pci ethernet. If anyone knows of a cleaner approach
    I'm all ears.

    I don't often see any information regarding "virtual switch" so I
    thought I'd post my findings in the case it helps someone.

    Lastly, in my configuration, NT4 Workstation has proven to perform
    best. Especially after disabling both "modification of last date/time
    stamp" and animation for icons, my NT4 system runs very fast. Even
    using web-base-smit (java app) to connect to an IBM P-Series connects
    quickly. Win98 and W2K have had deplorable performance and to date
    I've been unable to get decent performance out of either.
    esquivel_rene, Jan 5, 2004
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