Virtual PC kicks me off DHCP table

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Tom, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest


    I'm using VPC 6 and Panther. It was working fine until I
    began trying to configue a printer in the OSX environment
    (not VPC). I don't know how these issues would possibly be
    related but here's the problem:

    Every time I turn on VPC and boot up to my fake XP machine,
    it kicks me off of the DHCP list on my home network (I
    verified this by continually refreshing the list on our PC). I still
    get internet connectivity in OSX but the IP address does not register
    and there's no network activity within VPC. So in some way I must
    still be connected but VPC is not recognizing the existing

    Now in VPC, if I log on using a shared connection (instead of
    virtual switch), there is no problem; I get network
    activity. But, I use VPC for my work email which requires a
    VPN that only works with the virtual switch enabled.

    I can make it work by constantly renewing the DHCP table and watching
    when it kicks off (or hides), so I just renew the DHCP lease in System
    Preferences right away during VPC
    boot. This is not really an adequate solution for me
    though. I don't understand why it is eliminating me from
    the DHCP table in the first place.

    If anyone has any solutions or at least reasons why it is
    doing this, I would be grateful.


    Tom, Nov 19, 2003
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  2. Tom

    payback Guest

    (Tom) wrote in
    I'm a bit lost here but would I be correct in assuming that there is a
    hardware router such as a dlink or a linksys involved. If so you may want
    to enter the routers config area and see what number you have set for the
    maximum number of DHCP clients/users.

    Just a thought

    payback, Nov 20, 2003
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