Virus Barrier and Time Machine

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Michelle Steiner, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. This is from MacFixIt:

    Users of Intego VirusBarrier software may experience system freezes upon
    Time Machine activation. The system seems to lock up with no error
    messages and complete lack of responsiveness, and requires a manual
    reset to get functional again. This may occur when users perform a
    backup, or it may occur when users try to access their backups.
    As described by Apple Discussions poster clintbradford:

    "Finally upgraded to Leopard on my 17" MBP. All went well except for
    Time Machine freezing when I tried to access it. Initial backup went
    fine...and so have a few hourly incremental backups. But when I tried to
    access to see what it had performed - freeze-up. Had to force quit it."
    Time Machine has problems with many antivirus software packages, and
    while disabling or uninstalling the software seems to be a quick fix, a
    change of settings may enable the virus protection to run in tandem with
    Time Machine. While the following fix is specific to VirusBarrier
    software, setting up other virus protection to avoid the Time Machine
    drive may also help if users are experiencing problems with Time Machine
    as well.

    Fix: Set the Time Machine disk to the "Trusted Zone" in Intego
    VirusBarrier Open the VirusBarrier software and in the preferences go to
    the "Scanner" section and add the Time Machine drive to the "Trusted
    Zone" section. You may have to set the mode to "Interactive" under the
    "Mode" menu to make these settings available.
    Michelle Steiner, Jul 17, 2008
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