Vista and 3rd party firewall

Discussion in 'Dell' started by RnR, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Just wondering what you guys are using as your 3rd party firewall on
    Vista (excluding Vista's own) ? Does it behave nicely with Vista?
    RnR, Dec 7, 2007
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  2. RnR

    S.Lewis Guest


    At the risk of being flamed, I'm only going to offer the opinion that a 3rd
    party firewall isn't needed - especially if you're behind a router.

    The firewall in Vista (in my limited experience so far) is more aggressive
    and apparent than the passive (incoming) firewall in WinXP.

    Couple that with the already legendary Vista UAC controls (if left enabled),
    and you've got a fairly obnoxious and secure system by default (again, if
    behind a router).

    Here's the official Redmond line on the Vista firewall:

    RnR, you may have specific reason(s) that you'd want to disable the native
    VF and, if so, I'd imagine that ZA and the other usual suspects are out
    there that will be compatible with Vista.

    Given that more is learned about the new OS every day, I reserve the right
    to be completely wrong and or FOS. But that's my opinion at the

    S.Lewis, Dec 7, 2007
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  3. RnR

    Tom Scales Guest

    How about none?

    If you're behind a decent router, I'm not convinced of the need.
    Tom Scales, Dec 7, 2007
  4. RnR

    RnR Guest

    I use to hear the same but since reading more my understanding of
    routers is that they only protect traffic inbound but not traffic
    outbound. That's why many want firewalls that do both (2 way
    protection) unlike the XP built in firewall (one way protection). I
    think it was Stew who told me that Vista has a 2 way firewall but I
    see many still opt for 3rd party firewalls (not sure why at this point
    RnR, Dec 7, 2007
  5. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Stew, I asked at the risk of starting a flame by the NON regulars
    (not wanting one of course and that the regulars here know better). I
    am really not asking for the best firewall but rather what people use
    with Vista. I have read today about Comodo 3 and another firewall I
    never heard of that works with Vista. I suppose ZA works with Vista
    tho having just dumped it, I'm a little reluctant to return to it when
    I go to Vista but if I have to, I guess I will.

    BTW, I am behind a router but I just want to be sure I'm getting 2 way
    protection (inbound and outbound). I'm using an old dell "g" router
    that works fine for my wireless home network but I'm not sure how well
    it protects me in either direction. I suppose I could disable my
    software firewall and test my router/pc at Shields Up but I'm not sure
    how accurate their results are but I suppose it would at least make me
    aware of my vunerability with or without my software firewall.

    Thanks again Stew for your advice and efforts earlier !!
    RnR, Dec 7, 2007
  6. RnR

    Mangler Guest


    I use Kaspersky's firewall on my vista machine as I am on the go an
    therefore arent always behind a good router. It is working fine for
    Mangler, Dec 7, 2007
  7. RnR

    Kevin Guest

    Speaking from experience, Zone Alarm Pro does not, and according to Zone
    Alarm, will not be configured to run under Vista. Naturally, just two
    months before I got my new Inspiron 530, I shelled out about fifty bucks for
    a two-year renewal of my ZA Pro subscription.

    The free edition of Zone Alarm does work just fine with Vista.
    Kevin, Dec 7, 2007
  8. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Thanks Mangler for that info. Many years ago I used Kaspersky but I
    forgot the reason I dropped them but I will consider that when I go to
    Vista. I know the Kaspersky engine is (not sure if it is the firewall
    or antivirus tho) is used in some others.

    Thank you Mangler for your help !
    RnR, Dec 7, 2007
  9. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Sorry to hear that Kevin ($50) but thank you for helping me !!
    RnR, Dec 7, 2007
  10. RnR

    Zack Guest

    I can confirm that the free edition of Zone Alarm runs
    well on Vista. (I barely tried it though.) With XP I used
    Kasperski and felt that it was among the best solutions.


    1. You dont want to run two at the same time, of course.
    Thus the 3rd party is a replacement - is it better, for Vista
    in particular? Even when they get it to run under Vista, this
    is a rather different system now (Vista is), and Id really want
    a native security application, one that is written for it. I dont
    really know how much this matters, but I would certainly be
    concerned with a firewall written for a very different security
    model that is then made run under this one.
    2. If you are behind the router, I would readily agree that you
    dont need anything other than Vista's firewall.

    My solution would be to use Vista's own until a Vista-native
    firewall is available. (Or, until it is certain that the ones that
    are 'made to run' under it actually do their job well.)
    Zack, Dec 8, 2007
  11. RnR

    Star Guest

    I use COMODO 2.4 with XP and am now using COMODO 3. You will get
    several popup's (information only) when you first run an application
    and the FW learns about how the program operates. Also the FW will
    study the current programs on your machine after install and set up
    its database.

    I had Spyware Doctor on one machine and did a uninstall with COMODO
    running and had 43 warnings which required action from the user. In
    order to do the uninstall I needed to allow the warnings. I then went
    to the control panel where there is a waiting your review area where I
    needed to remove the approval of the warnings. In a way this is good
    and bad. The good is that you are given a second chance to
    approve/disapprove a change. The bad is it is time consuming.

    Thank god this didn't post the first time.
    On WinXP Pro system.
    COMODO 3 prevented the posting but gave no warning. The only warning
    came from AGENT when I was shutting it off.
    Tried posting to other news groups and no luck.
    Removed COMODO 3 and reinstalled COMODO 2.4 and things appear to be
    normal. (What ever normal is under Windows)
    With all the problems I am having with Vista I think it time to remove
    COMODO 3 from that machine.

    Star, Dec 8, 2007
  12. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Thanks Art for that info. I guess I will be hesitant to consider
    Comodo3 when I go to Vista.

    Appreciate that info !!
    RnR, Dec 8, 2007
  13. RnR

    RnR Guest

    Got good points Zack and worthy to consider.
    thank you!
    RnR, Dec 8, 2007
  14. RnR

    Journey Guest

    Zone Alarm always. Otherwise I might try Comodo because others have
    posted positively about it but I think they could have chosen a better
    name for the firewall as the connotation isn't the best.
    Journey, Dec 8, 2007
  15. I use SpySweeper W/AV. They recently offered their firewall at no cost.
    I find it does a decent job, but I think that the average user will have
    a problem with the frequent warnings...

    Overall, it's a good firewall that works well with Vista...


    Hank Arnold
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Server - Directory Services
    Hank Arnold (MVP), Dec 9, 2007
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