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vista and fujitsu 1510D - and fujitsu upgrades.

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by strider7, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. strider7

    strider7 Guest

    i've been doing research and like a smaller tablet (no slate). i am a
    professional (that doesn't like to use the capital key) and a student.
    i have tried the toshiba and gateway 14 inch. i am salivating over a
    fujitsu 1510D. i have accepted spending three grand total ( with a
    three year screen protection) is going to run towards. what i do mind
    - is peace of mind - that microsoft vista will work with a 4200 rpm
    machine. what do i need at a minimum - for it to forseeably work with
    vista. i understand that there are no guarantees. i will be using the
    tablet daily for the next 2.5 years - at a minimum. the only other
    tablet in that neighborhood of size is an HP 1100 - and i think that HP
    makes a great printer - but ...

    the second question - concerns the ability to upgrade the machine at a
    later date. will i be able to go to a fijitsu approved service person
    and get the puter updated? what has your experience been with that?

    thank you for your guidance.

    your guidance is appreciated.
    strider7, Jan 9, 2006
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  2. strider7

    Chris H. Guest

    The main drawback (so far) of forecasting the hardware requirements for
    Vista machines is strong graphics capabilities for the "full" experience.
    Not having seen a touch screen machine like Fujitsu's 1510D with Vista on it
    yet, I can only relate to the digital side of the picture.

    I might also suggest you look into how much RAM the machine will contain,
    and plan to expand whatever may be offered in the stock model. Running a
    gig or more will do you very well. However, the $3,000 (is that US?)
    threshold seems a bit high with initial pricing about half that, considering
    pricing on some real workhorses like the Toshiba M200. From what I've seen,
    Fujitsu is asking about $950 to boost the RAM from the initial 256 MB
    (unacceptable for a Tablet, BTW) to a gig. Much better prices are available
    from such after-market retailers like crucial.com.
    Chris H., Jan 9, 2006
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  3. strider7

    John B Guest

    John B, Jan 10, 2006
  4. strider7

    strider7 Guest

    thanks all - i bought the hp1100 and THANKFULLY didn't open the box -
    cause i found out that they are discontinuing the model. i ordered the
    fujitsu. it should be arriving tomorrow. i am excited but i can tell
    you that trying to buy one has not been a fun experience. good message
    board recommendation - some of my new tribe :')
    strider7, Jan 10, 2006
  5. I've tried current a Vista build on P1510 and it runs fine, except that the
    touch panel drivers are not working in that release. But that's a temporary
    thing. Feel comfortable and being able to upgrade to Vista Final once
    released (or download a public Beta once available later this quarter -
    after having done a solid backup ;-). I'm pretty sure Fujitsu will have
    Vista drivers for you (though maybe not at Vista launch date).

    Just save money for RAM upgrades.
    Enjoy that great device.

    Mit besten Gruessen - Best wishes
    Stefen Niemeyer
    Stefen Niemeyer, Jan 10, 2006
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