Vista Home Premium vs Vista Business

Discussion in 'Dell' started by n o s p a m p l e a s e, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I live in non-English speaking part of Europe and want to buy a Dell
    desktop with English OS. What Dell rep tells me is that their machines
    being sold in the country is not compatible (something I don't
    understand but I have to believe him) with English version of Vista
    Home Premium.

    He will offer me English version of Vista Business which is superior
    to Home Premium (according to him). He further tells me that I can do
    every thing with Vista Business that I can do with Home Premium. I am
    a home user only.

    I have little experience with Vista and would like to know if his
    contention is correct.
    n o s p a m p l e a s e, Sep 20, 2007
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  2. n o s p a m p l e a s e

    Gummy Mummy Guest

    Gummy Mummy, Sep 20, 2007
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  3. RE: "He further tells me that I can do every thing with Vista Business
    that I can do with Home Premium."

    That is not true. Home Premium's media features are not present in
    Business. There may be other features missing as well.

    Business is considered to be a "higher" version of Vista than Home
    Premium, but that does not change the fact that many features present in
    Home Premium are missing in Business (which, however, also has features
    not present in Home Premium).

    The only way to get everything is with Ultimate.
    Barry Watzman, Sep 20, 2007
  4. Even the Ulimate doesn't come in English here. What he has suggested
    that with Ultimate one can download language pack and change over to
    English. Is this correct and does this work smoothly?

    Upon further investigation, I learnt that they have not got license
    from Microsoft to sell home PCs with English version of Vista in this
    part of the world. Sounds funny but it is true. That is why they tell
    the system is not compatible with English OS.

    n o s p a m p l e a s e, Sep 21, 2007
  5. i don't understand what exactly you are looking to accomplish.
    i am not certain about vista, but previous versions of windows could easily
    have the language switched through the control panel.
    the biggest issue would be that the help files would be in the native
    language of the country of origin.
    also, applications software like microsoft word would only have a
    spellchecker for the language of the country of origin.
    but if you have some requirement to have a particular version of vista in
    english (uk english or us english, never specified) then i suggest that you
    get the least expensive operating system offered in your country (never
    specified) and then have someone in the english speaking country of your
    choosing purchase and send you both the version of the operating system that
    you wish to have and a replacement internal laptop keyboard for the same
    language. without the correct keyboard you will find it frustrating to use
    another language as the special punctuation symbols and the symbols above
    the numbers differ between languages. you will probably also want
    application software from the same country or you your spell checker will
    not work as you might want.
    Christopher Muto, Sep 21, 2007
  6. This is not the same as English edition of Vista.
    n o s p a m p l e a s e, Sep 23, 2007
  7. read it again. all of it. and it is polite to say thank you when people
    take the time to answer you questions (as incomplete as they are).
    Christopher Muto, Sep 24, 2007
  8. I always thought it is implied but I will be more careful in saying
    THANX on this board.

    Thank you Christopher Muto for your help but it is not the same as
    changing OS language. What I have learnt is that only Vista Ultimate
    can do it and no other OS in Vista family.

    What I have understood is that I will have to buy a new license CD/DVD
    for English edition of Vista Home Premium.

    I have two OEM CDs - one from Dell for Vista Home Premium that came
    with my laptop and the other WinXP Pro SP2 from Compaq that came with
    my previous desktop that I destroyed while doing some experiments.

    Can I use these CDs/DVDs to install Vista Home Premium English edition
    or WinXP Pro SP2 on the new desktop that I am buying from Dell? Both
    these CDs say for use on the respective computer e.g. Dell DVD for
    Dell computer and Compaq CD for Compaq computer. None of these have a
    license key.

    In the past I have used Compaq CD to format my desktop several times
    but it never asked for a license key. I don't know what it will do if
    I use it to format a Dell computer. Your input is requested.

    Thanx and regards/NSP
    n o s p a m p l e a s e, Sep 24, 2007
  9. Having followed your saga for 4 days now, I'd like to ask one
    question. From your 9/24 post mentioning Compaq, it would appear
    that Dells aren't the only computers available in your country.

    Unless there is some overriding reason for selecting a Dell over
    HP, Gateway, Compaq, or any computer assembler/packager, why not
    see if any of the others is offering their computers, with the
    features you want, with the English version of VIsta Home Premium
    (or, better yet, with an English version of XP Home - I won't be
    trading in my XP Pro until it finally dies on me or Bill Gates
    sends Darth Vader to rip it out of my computer.]

    Then call that Dell Rep back and say "Thanks, but no thanks; I've
    gone with Brand X who will give me exactly what I want in the
    computer they're trying to sell me."
    Ogden Johnson III, Sep 24, 2007
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