Vista is Prime Time, for Some

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Journey, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Often I hear that Vista either IS or ISN'T ready for prime time.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, it's both.

    I tried to force my Vista PC to my my Dimension X410 desktop. I had a
    dual boot of sorts worked out for it, but it was the wrong PC to use.
    Vista isn't prime time for that and won't be for a while due to the
    utility programs, mulitimedia processing programs, and the hardware
    that it uses.

    On my laptop, however, Vista is prime time. I run productivity apps
    -- Office, Acrobat, Instant Messengers, Quicken, Text editors, and the
    list increases every day. Even some of my utility programs are now
    able to run under XP.

    If I only had one PC, I would wait for now, and before switching I'd
    do my homework to make sure what I need is supported. So, in general,
    with exceptions, it might be accurate to say that Vista is probably
    not prime time for power users with one PC.

    On my laptop Vista is Prime Time and I am enjoying it. Remote desktop
    works with the XP counterpart. I run with Aero glass on and do not
    have many problems. It does run fast enough. It's hard for me to
    tell whether it's faster than XP because I always have XP set to
    performance mode (no transitions), but for Vista I let it do the fancy
    stuff. I would say for practical purposes they seem about equal to

    I am definitely putting it through it's paces. I have vista indexing
    thirteen 250G drives, and one 500G drive. It is taking a long time to
    find "Heart" on all the drives -- a major task. It still hasn't found
    the rock group (Ann and Nancy Heart) but it has found Tom Petty and
    the Heartbreakers. Actually, right now it did find Ann and Nancy
    Heart, so it is doing a very thorough job of searching and presenting
    information from all of those drives. I will be very interested in
    seeing if a repeat query after a reboot somehow finds them quickly. It
    will also be interesting, over time, if the computer somehow builds an
    index for all the drives that would make a search for a file almost
    instantaneous across almost 4 terabytes.

    Usually I would just turn indexing off on all my drives for
    performance reasons. I might still do that. I haven't noticed any
    degradation of performance though with indexing on for all of the
    aforementioned drives. If that's the case, as long as Vista performs
    well, I may leave indexing on and let the Vista search engine do it's

    (there was a program called "Enfish" or something that promised this
    years ago, I wonder what happned to it)
    Journey, Apr 21, 2007
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  2. Journey

    Nota Clu Guest

    Tom Petty - Yuck!
    Nota Clu, Apr 21, 2007
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  3. Journey

    Journey Guest

    The only song I like of theirs is Last Dance with Mary Jane. I don't
    like the lyrics! But the tune rocks.

    I have some amazing music, lots of live and bootlegs. Heart is really

    Recently I am into Blackmore and Night. That's Blackmore from Deep
    Purple. He's gone renaissance now and the music is unbelievable and
    his guitar rifts fit right in. Anyone remember him?

    Here's a link, Amazon can turn up more -- you can't go wrong, the
    whole family would like this stuff:

    Very wholesome, fun, music that can't be beat.
    Journey, Apr 21, 2007
  4. Journey

    Nota Clu Guest

    Get the Heart concert DVD from a couple years ago. Its was filmed in HD and
    will blow you away!
    Nota Clu, Apr 21, 2007
  5. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Cool, do you have a link? Could you paste a link from Amazon? I'm
    just asking to make sure I get the right one.

    Maybe I'll meet you on a music newsgroup and we can share our fav
    music (not to pirate, just the names ;-)

    Of course, I have all my music in a database that I can query using
    SQL. I'd like to brag that I used my computing skills to do that, but
    it's done from a program called Anapod Explorer, which allows you to
    manipulate your iPod directly, including making backups of songs.

    I let iTunes manage my music though so that my folders are exactly the
    way they are in iTunes.

    My favorite MP3 player by far is the iRiver Clix. The interface is
    much better than the iPod's, and the FM is phenomenal. It picks up
    every station in the area perfectly, and navigating and setting
    presets is very easy.
    Journey, Apr 21, 2007
  6. Journey

    RnR Guest


    That said, Dell probably got a lot of flak for not giving people a
    choice so now they are beginning to do so. Obviously a lot of dell
    purchasers are not interested in Vista (MS are you listening). I
    commend them for doing so. For me, XP works so I see no need for
    Vista but I'm willing to try it after about 1 year or SP1 inorder to
    give more time for 3rd party softwares to become compatible and Vista
    drivers to become available.
    RnR, Apr 21, 2007
  7. Journey

    Tom Scales Guest


    Interesting, as my dimension 9200 (same as your XPS410) is my ONLY vista
    computer and it has been rock solid. Surprisingly so.

    Only problem I have had so far is that I can't update the firmware on my
    Motorola Q cellphone. It syncs fine, but I can't do the update as they
    don't support Vista. Their response was I should use XP.
    Tom Scales, Apr 21, 2007
  8. Journey

    Nota Clu Guest

  9. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Journey, Apr 22, 2007
  10. Journey

    Journey Guest

    The main reason I don't update the XPS410 to Vista is that:

    - I use my E510 Pentium 4, which is Windows Media Center, to test a
    lot of software -- right now it's multimedia processing software. Just
    for that there are probably about 10 programs, from ULEAD, IMTOO,
    MPEG4 Direct Maker, and a lot of other obscure ones. The E510 is my
    "junk machine", "sandbox" -- I don't care if it gets bogged down by
    registry entries and .dlls. I do use CCleaner and NTREGOPT to try to
    keep things clean. Surprisingly, it still runs acceptably and is
    stable after about 15 months of doing that.

    - The XPS 410 is the "Production PC" in which I install the software
    from the E510 that works well. The extra CPU power cranks through
    media conversions and other tasks a lot faster. So, I want the two
    desktops to both have XP for now. There are some Palm PDA issues with
    Vista (with workarounds), and I have a lot of other hardware such as a
    HP Jornada HPC, Plextor Video Converter, external Creative Live "sound
    card", Olympus and Sony digital recorders, Photo Printer, All-in-One,
    two scanners, Logitech wireless keyboards, and some more hardware that
    I want to wait a while to get better Vista drivers. Some hardware
    does have Vista support but when I install the driver I find out that
    a lot of the functionality is limited, at least at this time.

    My laptop is perfect for Vista. I just found out that the "Ready
    Boost" can use the SD slot on an Inspiron. I have a fast Sandisk
    Ultra III 1G that stays there for that purpose. I don't know if it
    improves performance, but it's supposed to, and it's supposed to be
    pretty intelligent about whether the hard disk or added memory would
    be most efficient. There's really no way for me to know if or how
    well it works though.

    I am pretty happy with Vista. I tolerate Office 2007 because I don't
    use Word often (I use Atlantis). Access 2007 has some nice
    improvements, although I don't see myself doing too much beyond the
    basics with that. The main thing is that it can do a many-to-many
    without the associative table to do the join.

    All my other major software works on Vista, and it has been very
    stable. I only had one blue screen of death and I think it was my
    fault. I haven't had processes hogging CPU, freezes, or anything like
    that. About the only thing I have had problems with is that some of
    the programs don't use the "Aero Glass" APIs, and when accessing a
    menu it can take up to 20 seconds. I just change the compatibility
    mode and that fixes it. It's neat how Vista turns "Aero Glass" on and
    off when that program runs and ends.
    Journey, Apr 22, 2007
  11. Journey

    RnR Guest

    Agreed. I guess it's what we define as Prime time. For me, it is
    defined as, "as ready for use as XP" which I think we have found out
    it's not yet. That said, we more knowledgeable ones didn't expect it
    to be at this stage based on MS history of new OS's. This doesn't
    mean that Vista isn't useable because as we all have seen, it depends
    what you use it for or with nor does it mean it won't be more capable
    or useable later. I guess I look at Vista as another beta (me not
    MS) as it's still evolving into an OS as capable or more capable as
    XP. I don't mean this to sound like a bad thing just an evolution of
    RnR, Apr 22, 2007
  12. Journey

    JDa™© Guest

    After what Journey and yourself have been saying, I think I'll add M2CW!

    I believe that Vista is ready for prime time. You always should do your
    homework, no mater what OS you are going to use. But especially if you
    are moving from XP to Vista. Never take anything for granted about
    Vista, I did and it bite me. I loaded the IOGear Bluetooth USB adapter
    "GBU221P" driver and did not pay attention to what was in the
    packaging. 2 months ago I had purchased the device and loaded it on my
    XP system, it works great in that OS environment. But *not* Vista,
    during the install it hosed my DVD drivers and took both out in such a
    way that I had to reload back to Dell factory settings, that was after 6
    days of loading and playing with all the stuff I had moved from XP to
    Vista. And I have transfer(reinstalled) a lot of *OLD* software to the
    e521 and it works just as if it was on the XP, only faster. Thanks to
    all the odd and even gods of the universe, that my 5 year old 80GB
    Maxtor One Touch worked and allowed me to save off all the stuff I had
    loaded to my new e521, thus saving me a bunch of reload time. Vista
    will not let me re-format the 1 touch for compressed storage, but thats
    ok, I still have my XP machine to do that task, and Maxtor will not up
    date the Drivers for this 5/6 year old product, but Vista does read and
    write to the device quite nicely.

    Needless to say, I re-installed back to factory setting and software an
    started all over again from ground zero. And this time something
    strange happened. All the security pop ups stopped poping up and things
    started running smoother than before the reload. The only difference is
    that I took my time and thought about each piece of software before I
    installed it to Vista. I also took all the default install setting, not
    doing any thing fancy with the Custom install options that some of the
    packages come with. These installs picked up the new C:\Users\{User
    ID}\ directory and did not try to go to the older C:\Documents and
    Settings\{User ID}\ to store setup stuff. (I still wonder about this
    "Roaming" directory crap, especially when this is on a desktop and I
    don't think the machine has wheels or legs and feet!).

    If one takes the time to *study* the XP installed software you have an
    are going to put on a/the Vista system and if it should/does load
    correctly, then I believe you will find it quite a nice OS expansion. I
    also believe that Vista is really just XP in different sheep's clothing
    thus the word "expansion".

    And another thing that I think should be a requirement, NEVER get ride
    of your older system. Start fresh and new. Don't just buy the Vista
    update and start loading it to your current system. Buy a *NEW* PC with
    Vista pre-loaded!!! Then once you are satisfied that you have a system
    that works to *your* advantage, then use your older system to play Vista
    install games and learn what its doing at that point. Or donate the
    older machine to a charity or school, take a tax write off.

    Sorry I did not mean to be this wordie!
    JDa™©, Apr 22, 2007
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