voltage below 2 V on MSI-5187 ?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by wollywinka, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. wollywinka

    wollywinka Guest

    a few years ago I saw a web page that showed jumpers for down to 1.4
    now I can't find this infor again.
    MSI manual only shows 2 to 3.5 V but there is a fifth jumper
    on these socket 7 boards, usually the jumpers form a binary number,
    V = 2 + binary/10
    I have another where the fifth bit is a sign bit and it goes below 2 V
    (although that mobo documentation only showed three possibilties below
    2 V)
    now I don't want to experiment and get 1.9 V when I want 1.6 V
    [for a K6-3+ embedded low voltage - rather rare]
    Does anybody know what the setting are?
    Perhaps it is only for a later revision of the mobo?
    wollywinka, Oct 3, 2009
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