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Volume control does not adjust and stay where selected

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Ritter197, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Ritter197

    Ritter197 Guest

    When I want to adjust the volume control on this new notebook, it always
    slides back to the top, maximum.
    Wave, SW Sync and CD Audio I can adjust and it stays, but not the overall
    Volume Control.

    Any ideas?

    It is using windowsXP, Dual Core, 1 GB Memory Model V6137US
    Ritter197, Jan 17, 2007
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  2. Ritter197

    kony Guest

    When does it maximize? Try to find this trigger.

    It seems likely you either have an application that's
    setting it to max every time ran, (so you'd need to
    continually monitor it to see when it "slides back to the
    top" and decide what you can do about that app (if
    anything, if there is no setting in it then it might need
    replaced), or if the audio driver is buggy it might do this
    and you'd seek a different audio driver version (or audio
    software front-end for the audio, sometimes it is packaged
    with the driver files and other times a separate download
    and installation from the system, mainboard or audio chip

    Something else you could try if this software is separate is
    to uninstall it then see if the problem persists when audio
    levels are only controlled by the windows mixer.
    kony, Jan 17, 2007
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  3. Ritter197

    Ritter197 Guest

    Thanks for the various suggestions.

    Let me say something regarding HOW this audio control should work, because I
    just saw the same HP Pavillion notebook at COSTCO.

    When you put your finger on top of the very row of F keys, there is a + and
    a -. When you slide your finger across it, green volume "strips" show up at
    the screen and show the decrease or increase.

    That does not work.

    I do not recall installing anything regarding volume control, since the
    notebook is only a few days old.

    So far HP technical support (in INDIA) has not been able to help, but were
    friendly and will call back with a second level techie.
    Ritter197, Jan 17, 2007
  4. Ritter197

    kony Guest

    I'm unclear what you mean, there is a separate buttons or
    touch-sensitive area above the <F(n)> keys? If so, I would
    also wonder about manufacturing or assembly defects, if it's
    possible this is continually shorting out the "+" key for
    some reason.

    If it were old, I'd suggest taking it apart, but since new
    and under warranty, if the software changes proposed earlier
    dont help then I'd see about getting it replaced,
    preferribly instead of having some service center fiddle
    with it which could take ages and not entirely fix the
    problem plus if they try to repair it the case is being
    taken apart, maybe not put back together as well as it was
    in the first place which might've been the whole problem
    with the + button (if it is the problem).

    I'm not suggesting you did, rather that whatever is/was
    already installed might be buggy. Remember that buggy or
    not a manufacturer has to use the software available, and
    patch it later.

    I would carefully document all of this in case you have to
    escalate the situation to a replacement request.

    If your system allows booting to a special multimedia player
    mode, bypassing windows, you might try that (with a
    multimedia disc inserted so it has something to "do", and
    see if the volume controls are working then.
    kony, Jan 17, 2007
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